How to create an Ad Blocking message using Google’s Funding Choices

Ad Blocking
December 17, 2020 | by Kean Graham
How to create an Ad Blocking message using Google's Funding Choices

Ask your users to stop using an Ad Blocker, allow ads, and support your site. Why not? You deserve it. It’s now a lot easier than ever to create a popup message for ad block users, leveraging Google’s Funding Choices.


The Ad blocking message is displayed if all the following conditions are met:

  1. Ad blocking software is installed and detected
  2. The user refused to allow ads on the site, and
  3. The user has not bought a Contributor pass for the site or has not opted into the Custom Choice (e.g., has not become a subscriber)

The use of Ad Blocker can be a sign of a bad user experience. It is important that you address this elephant in the room and find out how you can further optimize and convert this into a money-making machine.

Measure/Collect your site’s AdBlock data:

Step1: Log into your Google Ad Manager account

Step 2: Go to Privacy & Messaging

privacy and messaging

Step 3: Click ‘Go to Funding Choices’

google funding choices button

Step 4: Select the right account. Note that your email address needs to have Admin access to the AdSense account mapped with your Google Ad Manager in order to proceed.


Apps you manage are automatically listed on the Funding Choices “Apps” page.

Step 5: Under Sites > Add Site

-Site Name: enter your site name that users will see in the ad blocking message

-Domain: enter the domain

-Homepage: URL of the site’s homepage or your preferred landing page

-Click Save

Step 6: Click Deployment on the left hand menu


Step 7: Deploy script anywhere in the <head> </head> of the site’s source code. Check out PubGuru University for tutorials on how to deploy and manage tags on your site.

Step 8: Give it a week or two, run reports

On the Funding Choices page, go to Reports

Check the Ad block “Extension rate” metric. Check here for more info on Ad Block metrics. (Extension ad blocker pageviews) / (Eligible pageviews)

Create Ad Blocking Message

Step 1: Open the Site you added, click ‘Create’ under Messages

Step 2: Select Ad Blocking detection

Step 3: Set a name for internal use/tracking, select language, message your visitors will see, placement

Step 4: Continue

Step 5: If needed, change the message text and styling

-If you want to upload a logo, enable the Logo element under Header

header image

-The file size cannot be larger than 150KB

-Recommended logo size is 600×120 px (ratio 5:1)

Step 6: Once all customizations are done, click Save

Step 7: Publish


Step 8: Go to Deployment on the left hand menu

Step 9: Copy the Site script and deploy it into the <head> </head> section of the site’s source code (skip this step if already done when collecting Adblock data). For mobile apps – see “App consent SDK integration”.

app content SDK integration

Step 10: Checking reports

-Log into the Funding Choices page

-Go to Reports

-Check here for more info on Ad Block metrics.

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