Five Display Advertising Tips for the Hospitality Industry

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Last updated: May 31, 2024 | by Aleesha Jacob

This post was most recently updated on May 31st, 2024

Display advertising is a powerful tool when it comes to showcasing the services, packages, and overall offerings of the hospitality industry and attracting the right audience. Display advertisements these days have been transformed considerably from its earlier days when there was a static when that needed to be conveying maximum information.

The basic rule of offering optimum information remains the same to this day. But the way this information is conveyed has changed. Now, dynamic image content, animations, and videos can be used to increase brand awareness and promote services. Advancements in technology also enabled players in the hospitality industry to focus their advertisements on a specific audience. As you explore different options to represent your brand in the most creative and best manner through display advertising campaigns, the following are some of the helpful tips:

1. Be creative

This sounds so simple but it can get complicated as you get down to work. There is no end to creativity when it comes to presenting your brand in front of the audience. With advancements in display technologies, the advent of innovative image creation and editing software, and advanced video tools, you can present your services such as rooms, food, policies, attractive packages, and unique selling points of your brand.

You can hire an ad agency for getting the creative minds and a truckload of experience they have in the advertising industry. Whenever you display advertisements about your brand, those advertisements represent you, and hence, you need to be creative to connect with audience. Creativity can open up opportunities and create a lasting impression of your brand on people’s minds.

2. Bring each asset of your service to notice

Each person has a different way of connecting with your brand. Some may opt your hospitality services for the mesmerizing ambience, some may find your services within their budget; while some will be attracted to your services by precautions you took in your property to ensure safe experience. So, while designing your advertising campaign, you need to highlight each of the assets in display advertisements. Of course, you need to be creative while highlighting your assets. From displaying different types of rooms to highlighting safety precautions you have taken, display each asset in your advertisements.

3. Understand the psychology of your target audience

The psychology of each audience is different and understanding the psychology will get you halfway there. If your restaurant, hotel, or any property is designed for business travelers, couples, or family vacations, the way you project your brand is going to be different. You can display sophistication, cleanliness, and necessary infrastructure for business travelers if your property is designed that way.

Then you can post the advertisements in business magazines and websites. This will help you in attracting the right individuals and increase your conversion rate. Understanding the psychology and designing display advertisement campaigns will help you in standing out from your competitors.

4. Utilize opportunities offered by mobile advertising

In the always online era, people are spending most of their time on their mobile devices or smartphones. Mobile advertising widens the scope for creativity as you can present carousals, creative videos, and images through different platforms. The mobile programmatic approach is gaining the center stage when it comes to advertising through mobile. Through planning and accurate targeting, appropriate users can be found and advertisements can be displayed. Combining data and programming will offer insights about the relevant audience.

Based on relevant criteria set through algorithms during programming, the target audience can be identified and advertisements can be placed on popular websites, social media platforms, and other apps accessed by users. When the relevant users are visiting any of these platforms through their mobile devices, the advertisements involving your offerings, rooms, and ambiance can be displayed on those websites.

These advertisements include call to action or information about your services. The links to be placed in these display advertisements can help you in generating leads or closing sales. According to the report published by Allied Market Research, the global mobile advertising market is expected to generate $243.70 billion by 2022. You can take advantage of this booming sector to attract an audience to your hospitality services. Instead of placing a banner on the streets where people rarely look at it, you can utilize mobile advertising.

5. Retargeting is equally important as standard targeting

When you know a person had already shown interest in your services and looking forward to rent a room or book a stay, you can display your advertisements over and over again. Through this retargeting strategy, the click-through rate will increase as you are reminding people about your services or property over and over again. So, they will be more aware of you than others and more inclined to avail your services.

If your campaign is about conversion, then this strategy must be implemented. Displaying images, animations, or videos over and over again when you know a person is interested in availing hospitality services will get you through their doors and the chances of conversion will increase.


Wrap Up

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Guest Post Acknowledgements: Thanks to Pratik Kirve, Team Lead – Content Writing at Allied Market Research for writing this post. He is a writer, blogger, and sports enthusiast. He can be reached at Five Display Advertising Tips for the Hospitality Industry MonitizeMore


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