Earn a $20 CPM on a Shareable Button with Po.st!

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Last updated: August 23, 2019 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on August 23rd, 2019

We’ve pretty much covered almost all sorts of revenue streams here on our blog. So, in this post, we will talk about one very specific ad network that can give you a great boost in revenue: Po.st.

Imagine a scenario where a good percentage of your users love to share on Facebook, Twitter, Tumbler or on any social networking site, even on Pinterest. When they do that, you are not only improving your user base. This also equates to high page views and bigger revenue. But, did you know that aside from all these, you can still be able to add more money to the table each time your posts are shared!

How does it work?

Po.st share buttons are positioned anywhere in the content pages. When a user likes the content and decides to share this to his or her friends through Facebook, an ad will show up and below that is a note that says it was successfully shared!

No, not really. It’s not like the ad will show up first before you can share.  It’s very subtle and the pop-up serves its purpose – confirming the share and promoting the ad.

Po.st is one ad network that can offer this:

Earn a $20 CPM on a Shareable Button with Po.st! MonitizeMore
*** Photo taken from Po.st website’s product portfolio.

High CPM offer

If you normally get $1 CPM in your US market and you think it’s amazing, then you are wrong!  Po.st offers you up to 20x higher CPM. Yes, you read that right! So even if you only have about 500 shares, you still have $10. There’s nothing to lose. I saw one article from Upworthy saying that web visitors who consume 25% of the articles are more likely to share it via social media platforms. A good number of them does complete reading the entire article and they are likely to share it.

The idea of having this on mobile is more promising.  This, of course, depends if you have a great deal of traffic coming from mobile. Take a look at your analytics: Do you see the demographics and mobile user percentages high up to venture into this?

Let’s say you have all these criteria, you can then set up a shareable button as a mobile anchor to target all US mobile users and use other ad networks for non-US users. This does not waste every impression that comes along.

Ability to track share activity

Whether you’re a marketer, social media manager, or a site publisher – you would definitely want to know where your content is being shared. Po.st allows you to see every sharing possibility you have on-site: whether via social buttons, emails, instant messaging, etc. This will help you understand how your audience is engaging with your content. According to Po.st, there are 3 main methods of how content is shared: via sharing buttons, via copy-paste sharing, and linkback sharing.

Of course, when there’s tracking capability, there should be an analytics technology in place. This automates your search for the most popular content you have, and the ones that never grow old to be shared again and again (evergreen content). The most distinct feature is their “Virality” metric – something that your social media analyst would like to monitor regularly.

Attractive and customizable share buttons and widgets

Check out the popular default share-button templates from Po.st:

The great news is their buttons are highly customizable. Check out their custom widgets page here.

Depending on how you like it – rounds or squares,  horizontally placed, it’s your call. You give them the specs, and they design for you and generate the tags right off the bat! If you are interested in any of the custom designs they have in their vault, they can send you the exact code to have that same design on your site.

MonetizeMore helps publishers earn more from their unsold ad inventory by offering alternative and additional ways to generate ad revenue. To learn how you can implement Po.st optimally on your site so that you maximize shares and its new revenue stream, contact us here.

We can also get you started by signing up for FREE to Ad Exchange (premium version of Adsense).

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