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Last updated: August 22, 2019 | by Kean Graham
Ad Exchange Custom and Flexi Ad Sizes

This post was most recently updated on August 22nd, 2019

As a publisher, you know the secret for higher ad revenue: increasing the demand for your ad spaces. Doubleclick has further pushed this opportunity by offering custom sizes and flexible inventory sizes. This relieves the limits on ad slot sizes.

To make it clear: Inventory size refers to the ad slot size. Creative size is the size of the actual ad creative that fills the ad slot. You can use both custom-sized ads or flexible-sized ads or just one of them, in order to up your earning potential. Here are their distinct features:

Custom sizes

Allow publishers to send ad requests for any size; and Ad Exchange buyers can bid with creatives of any size, as well. Custom sizes expand to accommodate both inventory and creative sizes outside the “standard sizes”.

For example, an 800×250 is a non-standard ad size but both Adx buyers and sellers can now serve those types of ads because Custom Sizes expand to accommodate it.

Google states: “ You can make custom-size ad requests through DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) dynamic allocation or through an ad tag. Also, you can use custom sizes in rules, deals, and reporting the same way you use the standard sizes.” Here’s How:

  • DoubleClick for Publishers (DFP) to Ad Exchange dynamic allocation: You can backfill custom-sized creatives to Ad Exchange from DFP the same way you would normally backfill standard sizes.
  • Tags: Enter custom sizes as part of the code for a tag.
  • Rules: Create a rule by custom inventory sizes.
  • Deals: Include custom-size inventory in a deal.
  • Reporting: Report on custom size inventory using the Inventory sizes and Creative sizes dimensions in the Query Tool. See: How to Use the Ad Exchange Query Tool

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Flexible sizes

Help you make a rule specifying a set of creative sizes to match a specific inventory of yours. It is ideal that you set your maximum flex ad size using the largest available Adx size within each placement.

For example: if an ad unit has a flex 320×50, 320×100 and 300×250, rather than running three separate line items or one line item with three creatives for each size, you should only run a 300×250 because it’s the largest and can run the most ad sizes that are the same size or smaller. This enables more ads to compete for your inventory as the size limit is eased out.

Publishers have to take note though, that they may see smaller creatives appearing in larger inventory ad sizes (ad slots).

Here are some pointers from Doubleclick Ad Exchange about the use of Flexible Sizes:

  • Apply only to image or rich media ad types. Text ads continue to fill the entire available ad slot, as they always have.
  • Apply only to single-size ad requests. If you have a multi-size ad unit in DoubleClick for Publishers that you set up to dynamically allocate to Ad Exchange, flexible sizes will not apply to those multi-size ad requests. Instead, the list of sizes in the multi-size request provides the list of allowed creative sizes.
  • Take priority over any size-related blocking rules. This means that inventory with a flexible size may allow a smaller, blocked creative to actually be trafficked in that ad slot.
  • Currently, apply only to mobile web and desktop web inventory. Support for app inventory is coming soon.

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Google states that:

Custom Sizes and Flexible Sizes can be used alone or together. For example, flexible sizes are a great way to open up the number of creative sizes an ad slot will accept, regardless of whether it’s a custom or standard size. If you use a custom size, we recommend also utilizing the power of flexible sizes to increase the initial fill rate for the new-size inventory.”

To know more ad optimization strategies to increase your inventory’s earning potential in Ad Exchange, contact us for a free consultation today or find out how to Sign-up for FREE to Ad Exchange.

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