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Last updated: August 15, 2019 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on August 15th, 2019

The best ad placements always have two things in common: visitors are able to see the ads clearly and they aren’t annoyed by them. Today we’ll give you the best ad placements in 2014, but please be mindful that these techniques aren’t set in stone. We still encourage you to experiment depending on your site’s functionality and which placements translate into the highest revenues. While in past articles we’ve suggested some banner placements that will work on your site, in this article we discuss valuable techniques as you start your ad-revenue stream. First, we’ll give you some tips to consider:


There is a psychology behind how AdSense viewers respond to ads. Viewer’s responses depend on impulse and the information that they need. Impulsive clickers are those who have a low attention span and click AdSense ads out of compulsion. Semi-impulsive clickers, on the other hand, are information seekers and tend to click AdSense ads midway through an article. The third type of ad clickers is one who would prefer to click an ad after completing an article. Into which categories do you believe your viewers would fit?

AdSense Heatmap Image

Remember the F- pattern on the previous blog? That is an analysis from the AdSense heat map imaging. Here is an image of Google’s recommendation Adsense ad placement recommendations.

Best AdSense Placements in 2014 MonitizeMore

Caption: Orange areas – strongest and maximum clicks; Light yellow areas receive the weakest and minimum clicks ( The darker the area, the higher the click rate)

Google’s Requirement and Policies

  • Display a maximum of 3 ad units, 3 link units and 2 search boxes on a single page.
  • Avoid misleading placements, accidental clicks, misleading labels, misleading to clicks and everything that is included here: AdSense Ad placement policies

Related Read: Top AdSense Ad Violations With these considerations, we may suggest you these best placements as you begin with AdSense this 2014:

1) Your safest bet? Base your ad placement on Google’s heat map. There is no harm in testing it out and having your ads placed on the areas that are best described in the image.

2) Your best-performing ad units. Place them above the fold BUT do not place too many that your content is already pushed below the fold because of your ads.

3) Ads in the middle. You may text wrap or not text wrap. Your call. As long as you have ads in the middle of an article or content. As you have seen on the heat map, the orange and dark orange areas draw more clicks. Since they are above the fold, you may attract your impulsive and semi-impulsive clickers.

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4) The Uncommons. They aren’t your common ad sizes. They jump out of the page and can easily be seen. If that’s the case, those receive easy clicks.

5) Link units. They do not look like typical ads. Though they work best to cater to your semi-impulsive and information-seeking viewers, you may still want to experiment. On the heat map, it is the orange area below the fold.

6) Custom Search. This is an additional revenue stream for publishers. AdSense ads can be above or right of the search results. Even if your query does not match, AdSense ads are also displayed.

Having these placements and best positioning is one thing but analyzing your numbers is another. Increase in your click-throughs and cost per mille can still be tweaked and analyzed giving the maximum potential for your ads to earn. Let us help you in optimizing those ads whether it’d be from AdSense, Ad exchange, and third-party networks.

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If you want expert management of your AdSense account and other third-party ads, contact us for a free consultation and find out how MonetizeMore can help.

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