Best Ad Networks in Australia & New Zealand [2023 watch-list]

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Last updated: January 18, 2023 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on January 18th, 2023


Looking for the best ad networks in Australia or New Zealand? We’ll show you some of the best ad networks you can use to monetize traffic from Australia or New Zealand in this guide.

Be sure to test which ad network is most effective for you and your website. Want help choosing which network to join, setting up header bidding, and more? Contact MonetizeMore here.


Adslot ad network


Adslot Media is a well-known Australian programmatic platform that scales publisher-direct media buying by allowing direct connection with publisher ad servers. Buyers can plan and buy premium products by using their own first-party data, across publishers, with  AdSlot’s Audience First feature.

This takes all the guesswork out of programmatic media buying. AdSlot has significantly reduced publishers’ media costs and publishers are thereby able to deliver more valuable content. They’ve worked with publishers like BBC. Bloomberg, The Economist, etc.

Click here to find out more about Adslot.


AdTrek ad network

AdTrek is a display advertising ad network with an advanced HTML5 ad server. Using the AdTrek platform, display banners have a higher engagement and CTRs. It offers a variety of banner ads like dynamic banners, video banners, and count-down banners. AdTrek publishers get real-time tracking, media dashboard, and are IAB & BAS compliant. Their performance runs smoothly on both desktop and mobile modes.

Click here to find out more about Adtrek.



Spike Ad Network


The Spike Ad Network recently won the ‘Publisher Innovation Award’ at the Australian Magazine Awards! They offer an affordable and highly-effective platform that connects publishers with reputable brands via a single channel.

The Spike network consists of publications that focus on highly specific industries, making them a daily hub for experienced professionals. Spike Ad Network’s success lies in the success of its brands. Thanks to native advertising, Spike content benefits from immediate association with some of Australia’s most successful and trusted brands.

Click here to find out more about Spike.




Scroll Media | Premium Ad Network


The Scroll Media ad network heavily focuses on branded content, integration, and programmatic advertising sales. They’ve helped agencies and advertisers find premium Australian and New Zealand publishers that align well with their creative messaging objectives.

They offer cutting-edge offerings with advanced AI technologies that help publishers boost their earnings whilst maintaining premium quality traffic for their advertisers. Their reporting dashboard is pretty transparent.

Scroll media draws from a goldmine of experience in Programmatic Advertising – From Direct to Programmatic Ad Sales of multiple ads formats (Native, Video, Display Advertising) to bespoke branding integrations with bloggers.

Click here to learn more about Scroll Media.



TPN Ad Network


TPN is a premium performance ad network that partners with the leading publishers in New Zealand and offers them exclusive benefits. TPN connects publishers with household name advertisers and uses the latest targeting and inventory management technology to generate the highest earnings per impression possible.

The publisher is in complete control of which advertisers appear on their site and can opt-out of any advertiser at any time. They offer a trial version as well.

Click here to know more about TPN.


Where to go from here?


Now that you’ve got a list of ad networks that work well with the traffic from down under, join and test them out. If you’re an experienced publisher, this will be a cakewalk!

If you’re a rookie just starting out in the ad optimization game, this may sound daunting. This is where a premium programmatic monetization solution like MonetizeMore can help you supercharge your ad revenue.

Once you partner with us, we’ll help you get set up ad networks, test them out, optimize your ad stacks, set up header bidding, improve your ad layouts, ad fill rates, and much more!

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