How to Attract New Advertisers: Create Targeted Publisher Profiles

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Last updated: August 2, 2019 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on August 2nd, 2019

You can never sell anything if you can’t attract your target market with the service or product that is meaningful to them.

So you may ask: How can I attract advertisers and buyers if I’m offering space on my website? How can I make these advertisers notice me and make them run their ads on my site?

If you are an Ad Exchange Publisher, Google can give you a solution to that and their answer is to create a publisher profile.

What is this Publisher Profile and how does it work?

A Publisher Profile is basically like a normal Facebook account or any social media account. You can put your:

  • site’s logo
  • description of your brand
  • your contact information where advertisers can contact you for any deals
  • your AdExchange statistics; and
  • audience information

You can create more than one profile for all your sites – known as site-specific profiles. The first profile that you will create will be your Parent Profile, it can’t be deleted but you can edit it anytime. It will also be your default profile if there are no offers/deals being associated with your other profiles.

Creating a publisher profile can help increase the visibility of your site to your advertisers and buyers. This strategy can make the advertisers see and understand how unique your inventory is to encourage them to do business with you. Your profiles will be visible to any advertiser and buyer in the AdExchange marketplace.

What are the steps in creating a Publisher Profile?

  1. Log in to your AdExchange interface and click the gear setting on the top right corner of the page.
  2. On the drop-down menu, choose “Publisher Profiles

How to Attract New Advertisers: Create Targeted Publisher Profiles MonitizeMore

  1. If you haven’t created any profile yet, you will be automatically redirected to the creation screen. If you already have a Parent profile and wants to create site-specific profiles for your other sites, click the “New Profile” button on the upper left part of the page.

How to Attract New Advertisers: Create Targeted Publisher Profiles MonitizeMore

  1. Complete all 4 steps by adding the needed information:

(1) Describe yourself

On this page, you must include the information about your site such as the following:

  • Domains: Your parent profile will display all your domains while your subsequent profiles can display one or more specific domains.
  • Publisher Info:
  1. Your Name which will be visible to all your advertisers
  2. Sample content page: where you advertisers can visit and see the type of content you have on your site.
  • Upload your logo
  • Message to buyers
  • Contact information

(2) Add Marketplace Insights

This part will be automatically generated by Google based on what they detect on your AdExchange account.

  • Inventory Summary: This will be added on your profile based on what AdExchange detects on your Product type, Ad Sizes, and inventory segments.

Additional info on deals:

  • Remove Advertiser blocks: If you are willing to negotiate with the removal of blocks which is currently set up to block ads for advertisers.
  • Provide inventory that hasn’t been available in the past outside of direct channel: if you are willing to add or create new inventories that are not available on Google Ad Exchange.
  • Lower price floors if spend commitment is given: If you are willing to reduce the floor price for certain publishers who are willing to agree on guaranteed spend.
  • Create new deals with new inventory and/or audience package: if you are willing to create new deals and inventories once the advertiser expresses interest on your site.

Cookies and Data use: Based on what Ad Exchange detected, it will only show and display allowed cookies and data which you selected on your account setting.

Ad technologies: Based on what Ad Exchange detected, it will only show and display allowed ad technologies which you selected on your account setting.

(3) Review Publisher data

Account-generated information will be added on this part of your profile. You can also include other information that you think might be necessary.
Performance and Rate Summary:

  • Total number of weekly uniques across AdExchange inventory
  • Total Number of weekly ad impressions across AdExchange inventory

Audience Information

The information on this part of your profile will be auto-generated by AdExchange based on your account on AdExhcnage. The number that will appear on your profile is calculated by AdExchange based on the last seven days worth of impressions. If your inventory is only available for specific buyers only, then your audience information may not be available on your profile.

All these auto-generated information from AdExchange will reflect on all your other domains. The information is also refreshed periodically, but the other additional information which you specified will be instantly updated.

(4) Preview and Submit

This will be the last part of setting your publisher profile. this section will make you see your overall profile. You have the option whether you want to save and publish it or save only.

(5) Accessing your profile

To access your profile, you can go to the “publisher profile” anytime on your setting menu in your AdExchange account.

Monetizemore can definitely do all these for you. From giving you access to Ad Exchange’s premium ads to creating enticing publisher profiles for you. All you have to do is to contact us today!

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