Apple News Allows Publishers To Serve Ads With DFP In 2018

Apple News Allows Publishers To Serve Ads With DFP In 2018

Find out how Apple news is proving that they genuinely care for their publishers by allowing some to run ad serving with Google’s DFP within the Apple news app. This is an excellent move toward maximizing publisher monetization for 2018 and helping publishers diversify revenue and traffic sources.

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Video transcription:

Apple has started to open ad serving via Google’s DoubleClick for Publishers for a select group of publishers on the Apple News platform.

Publishers can take their direct sold ads from their websites and use them within Apple’s app.

Since many publishers have demonstrated concerns about monetization within Apple News, the change is a significant development.

For all purposes, Apple News can become an extension of a publisher’s website since they can monetize traffic the same way as they do on their web properties.

New York media, with its four properties on Apple News, have reported the app being responsible for 5-8% of their overall traffic.

However, Apple News generates less revenue than articles on NY Media’s websites.

DFP integration within Apple News is still limited.

Publishers can only serve ads that are directly sold as programmatic ads are not allowed for the time being.

The DFP feature serves as an excellent option for publishers who are continually looking to diversify traffic after Facebook’s news feed update.

Competing platforms publishers are focusing on include Flipboard, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.

Apple News currently reaches over 60 million users in the United States via mobile.

Premium publishers are actively being kept up to date regarding monetization developments since Apple is determined not to end up like Facebook.

The move is a sign of great things to come for the relationship between publishers and Apple News.


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