What is ad mediation?

What is ad mediation?

Ad mediation is the use of technology and tools for monetization that helps maximize display ad fill rates and eCPM for publishers. Additionally, it could also include a service that enables publishers to find and display ads on their sites from ad networks, direct advertisers, and other sources.

Ad mediation platforms search for the best available ad networks while sending ad requests to multiple demand sources. This way, they ensure publishers find the best available ads to fill their ad slots.

Publishers rank ad networks in order of preference. If the top ad network can’t fill the ad request, the mediation platform tries the next preferred ad network until it fills the ad request.

A simple way to look at how ad mediation platforms try to maximize ad revenue for the publisher is by checking out the formula below:

Ad revenue = requests * fill rate * eCPM

What can ad mediation do?

Ad Mediation gives multiple ad networks access to your ad inventory, and gets them to compete against each other for ad slots. This process increases competition among advertisers and in return, increases your ad revenue. The mediation platform checks what CPM all the various ad networks are offering and looks for the highest one.

The best thing of all is that you don’t need to spend any time managing it. There’s an optimization algorithm that automatically makes sure the highest bidder wins.

With ad mediation, you get everything you need for monetization domination in a straightforward integration. As a result, developers save time integrating SDKs. They also don’t have to look after and manually manage their ad monetization strategy. Instead, the entire process is managed from one platform.

Mediation is essentially a waterfall strategy as you can configure which networks you want called in a particular order. Often they are organized according to each ad network CPM. The mediation platform will then request ads from those ad network sources in the specific order chosen.

CPM is based on the network’s historical performance and set manually. That’s why it’s essential to check your network CPM consistently to ensure you maximize your ad revenue.

Inmobi put’s ad mediation into further perspective from a mobile app standpoint in the video below.


Ad mediation can save you a lot of time in managing ads and optimizing your ad revenue. However, most of the time, it does not contain the optimal setup or you need additional optimization. Why not let the ad optimization experts manage your ad inventory for you? We’ll help you maximize your ad inventory by optimizing ad layouts, advising you on the best ad networks to join, protect your traffic from ad fraud, increasing advertiser demand and much more!

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