AdSense, Publift, or MonetizeMore: Best AdOps Partner for Publishers in 2024?

Last updated: December 28, 2023 | by Aleesha Jacob

This post was most recently updated on December 28th, 2023

AdSense, MonetizeMore, and Publift are leading ad management providers and their main goal is to improve publishers’ ad revenue. Yet, while they all converge on this shared mission, the nuances that distinguish them are crucial and multilayered.

Navigating this intricate domain and deciding on the ideal platform can be a daunting task for many. Therefore, embark with us on an insightful journey below, as we delve deep to compare AdSense, Publift, and MonetizeMore, providing clarity on which ad revenue optimization platform aligns seamlessly with your aspirations.

AdSense vs MonetizeMore vs Publift: Overview

Network Traffic Requirements Revenue share Publisher earnings
AdSense Site must be six months old and have a minimum of 4,000 unique visits per month. 68:32  Publisher earnings depend on multiple factors, such as niche, geography, and more.
MonetizeMore Page views are not a determining factor, but monthly revenue should be at least $1,000 80-20 revenue split Promises an average of 50-400% revenue lift
Publift Minimum $2,000 in monthly revenue, or 500,000+ monthly page views 80-20 revenue split Promises 30-50% uplift.
Network Payment Methods Payment Schedule Minimum payment threshold limit
AdSense EFT, EFT via SERA, Cheque, wire transfer Net-30 $100
MonetizeMore Tipalti, Paypal. Direct Deposits / ACH. E-Cheques / Local Bank Transfers. Wire Transfers, Advance Payments Net-30-45 $100
Publift Bank transfers Net-30-90 $100

AdSense Overview

AdSense, Publift, or MonetizeMore: Best AdOps Partner for Publishers in 2024? MonitizeMore

AdSense is one of the most accessible ad networks that publishers can use. Just like Ad Exchange, getting the site approved in AdSense requires publishers to adhere to the Google Policy guidelines. While Ad Exchange offers publishers much more control in terms of targeting via KVPs, setting Unified Pricing Floors, and a wide range of protections and reporting options, AdSense makes up for it when a domain gets high CTR as it is known for its CPC model, too. CPC is the amount paid to publishers when users click the ads.

AdSense Setup and Implementation

For most standard configurations (excluding split testing scenarios), publishers simply need to integrate the header code, activate auto ads, and optionally introduce specific ad formats through hardcoded tags.

It’s noteworthy that when working with AdSense, the technical intricacies and optimization aspects are minimal compared to other service providers. This streamlined approach ensures ease of use and quick setup for publishers.

AdSense Earning Potential

While exact earnings can vary, AdSense primarily functions on a CPC (Cost Per Click) model. This means publishers are compensated every time a user clicks on the displayed ads. Especially for domains with a high Click-Through Rate (CTR), the potential for earnings can be substantial. It’s worth noting that several factors, such as ad relevancy, quality of content, and audience demographics, can influence the actual revenue.

AdSense Pros:

  1. User-Friendly Interface: Ideal for beginners and those unfamiliar with the complexities of ad networks.
  2. CPC Model: Recognized for offering returns on high CTR domains.
  3. Compliance with Google: Adherence to Google’s guidelines can lead to better visibility and credibility.

AdSense Cons:

  1. Less Control: Unlike Ad Exchange, which offers detailed targeting via KVPs, Unified Pricing Floors, and comprehensive protections and reports, AdSense provides limited control to publishers in these areas.
  2. Strict Policies: Google’s stringent guidelines mean that some sites may struggle with approval or risk being delisted.

Choosing AdSense or Exploring Alternatives?

While AdSense has long been a trusted choice for many, the emergence of advanced platforms is tempting publishers to consider alternatives. Factors such as flexibility in ad management, earning potential, and policy strictness will likely determine whether publishers will remain loyal to AdSense or venture out. Platforms like MonetizeMore, Playwire, and others have risen in popularity, offering features and benefits that sometimes outpace AdSense.

AdSense Bans and Policy Adherence

One of the significant pain points with AdSense has been its strict policy enforcement. Violations, whether intentional or accidental, can lead to temporary or even permanent bans, disrupting a publisher’s revenue stream. The challenge lies in the sometimes nebulous nature of these policies, which can catch publishers off guard. As a result, some publishers may lean towards alternatives that offer clearer guidelines and more lenient enforcement.

Publift Overview

AdSense, Publift, or MonetizeMore: Best AdOps Partner for Publishers in 2024? MonitizeMore

Publift is a technology-driven advertising company that specializes in helping online publishers optimize and streamline their ad monetization efforts. Their platform offers a suite of tools and services designed to maximize revenue for web and app publishers.

Key among Publift’s offerings is their Fuse product, an all-in-one programmatic advertising solution. With a focus on user-friendly implementation, Publift integrates advanced technologies like lazy load and no-code header bidding to ensure publishers, even those with limited technical expertise, can efficiently monetize their content.

Publift’s Tools & Features


Publift’s Fuse allows publishers to gain both automatic and detailed oversight over header bidding auctions. It’s meticulously designed to segment auctions based on criteria such as ad unit, geographical focus, bandwidth, device preference, and specific time slots. What sets Fuse apart is its ability to invite only genuine partners to bid, ensuring that user engagement remains high while conserving bandwidth.

Ad Block Monetization

Publift’s ad block recovery solution cleverly serves ads to users who have consented to view selected acceptable ads. As a testament to its efficacy, publishers utilizing this tool have reported a boost in page RPM by 6-8%.

Publift’s flagship offering, Fuse, isn’t just about auctions. It encapsulates a spectrum of ad optimization strategies for publishers, including multivariate testing and yield optimization. Among its standout features is the ‘intelligent auctions’ function, enabling publishers to handpick bidders based on various parameters like ad unit and geolocation.

Publift’s Interface System

AdSense, Publift, or MonetizeMore: Best AdOps Partner for Publishers in 2024? MonitizeMore

Fuse is a one-stop shop for publishers powered by an ad code snippet and promises publishers more revenue. For publishers, this translates into reduced complexity, with Publift managing the intricate technological advances, industry shifts, and partnership dynamics. It is a one-time setup feature where publishers can embed the ad tag to get started with ad optimization.

Once operational, Publift’s AdOps team dives in to evaluate, tweak, and refine the setup, ensuring revenue maximization. The system is agile, accommodating new partnerships, technologies, and automated ad layouts eliminating the need for repetitive code modifications.

Here’s what Fuse offers:

  • Dynamic optimization of demand partners
  • Strategic auction adjustments
  • Adaptable ad configurations
  • Viewability optimization

Pros of using Publift for publishers

  • Enhanced Viewability: Through their innovative Lazy Load Technology, Publift ensures that ads are seen, enhancing both user experience and ad performance.
  • User-Friendly Technology: With their no-code header bidding solution, publishers, irrespective of their technical know-how, can navigate with ease, making ad operations straightforward.
  • Optimized APAC eCPMs: Leveraging the power of Fuse, Publift has consistently boosted eCPMs for publishers in the Asia-Pacific region.
  • Diverse Partner Integrations: Publift’s extensive partnerships in the ad ecosystem offer publishers access to a wide range of demand partners, ensuring maximized fill rates and revenues.
  • Ad Innovation: Continuous research and development ensure that publishers have access to the latest ad formats and technologies, further boosting revenue potential.
  • Transparency and Trust: With clear reporting and open communication, publishers can always be confident in understanding their performance metrics.
  • Streamlined Operations: Publift offers a holistic solution, allowing publishers to manage, analyze, and optimize their ad operations under one unified platform.
  • Compliance Assured: In an ever-evolving ad landscape, Publift ensures that publishers remain compliant with global privacy and ad regulations.

Cons of using Publift for publishers

  • This is a startup AdTech Company.
  • Fuse Header bidding comes with limited features.
  • It doesn’t come with real-time invalid-traffic blocking.
  • Limited Transparency.
  • Lack of dedicated service.
  • Limited Reporting and Analytics tools for Publishers.
  • Lack of customization for bigger publishers.

MonetizeMore Overview

AdSense, Publift, or MonetizeMore: Best AdOps Partner for Publishers in 2024? MonitizeMore

MonetizeMore is an industry-leading ad technology company dedicated to optimizing the ad revenue of online publishers. Through its advanced suite of tools and solutions, MonetizeMore offers an array of services including header bidding, dynamic ad optimization, and innovative AI-driven approaches to maximize ad revenues.

One standout feature is their PubGuru platform, which provides publishers with detailed reporting, unified ad network insights, and tools to combat invalid traffic in real time. Moreover, MonetizeMore is recognized for its publisher-first ethos, underscored by its commitment to offering no lock-in contracts, around-the-clock support from a diverse team of AdOps professionals, and resources aimed at educating publishers about the nuances of the programmatic ad-tech landscape. With a proven track record of success and awards from industry giants like Google, MonetizeMore positions itself as a top-tier ad management partner, catering to the diverse needs of publishers worldwide.

MonetizeMore’s Tools and Features

MonetizeMore emerges as a titan in the realm of ad management, offering a suite of tools and features that set new industry benchmarks:

  • PubGuru Ad Inspector Chrome Extension: A powerful tool that revolutionizes ad tag troubleshooting and drastically scales ad revenue.
  • PubGuru Platform: The gold standard in ad operations, offering sophisticated reporting and stellar yield management capabilities.
  • Smart Notifications: Smartly analyzes your ad stack, ensuring peak performance.
  • Profit Attribution Reporting: Provides a comprehensive overview, including metrics such as Ad RPM, Impressions, and partner bidding activities.
  • Revenue Discrepancy Monitoring: Ensures complete transparency by contrasting your GAM Revenue data with Ad Network Revenue data, highlighting any potential discrepancies.
  • Traffic Cop: A robust shield against invalid traffic, blocking it in real-time.
  • Dynamic Ad and Layout Testers: Empowers users with myriad ad serving possibilities.
  • Full Automation: Relieve publishers from ad intricacies, enabling them to prioritize quality content creation.
  • Cutting-Edge Nucleus Technology: A patented ad-code system, offering publishers the most forward-thinking and optimized ad-code platform.

What further distinguishes MonetizeMore is its stellar reputation in the industry. The company has consistently been lauded and awarded by Google, a testament to its relentless pursuit of excellence. Recognized for its publisher-centric approach, state-of-the-art technology, and unparalleled payment efficiency, MonetizeMore pays its publishers in a mere business day. This is a stark contrast to its competitors, who often linger around Net 30 payment terms (14-30 days).

MonetizeMore’s Interface System:

AdSense, Publift, or MonetizeMore: Best AdOps Partner for Publishers in 2024? MonitizeMore

Stepping into MonetizeMore’s PubGuru dashboard, one is immediately greeted with an interface tailored for the modern publisher. Here’s what it promises:

  • AI-Driven Header Bidding: Leverage the power of artificial intelligence to optimize ad placements and revenues.
  • In-Depth Analytics: Gain insights from sophisticated reporting tools, dedicated to Yield Management & Ad Operations.
  • Comprehensive Reporting: Benefit from a Unified Ad Network Report, GDPR & Google Policy Report, ensuring transparency at every turn.
  • Timely Alerts: Smart Notifications keep you updated, ensuring that you never miss out on vital data points.
  • Revenue Insight: Dive deep into Profit Attribution, comparing Ad Network versus Google Ad Manager Metrics, allowing for strategic decisions based on comprehensive data.

Prioritizing Ad Integrity: MonetizeMore’s Traffic Cop isn’t just about managing traffic; it actively fights against invalid traffic (IVT). This robust tool not only detects but also blocks ad fraud, a paramount feature in today’s digital climate, ensuring reduced revenue clawbacks and maximizing eCPMs. While Publift’s expert Services provide a helping hand in ad operations, Traffic Cop’s machine-learning-enhanced features stand out in effectively minimizing IVT.

Track Record Speaks: In the competitive space of ad management, MonetizeMore stands tall, having collaborated with over 1,500+ publishers and disbursed an impressive $100M+ to its partners. In comparison, Publift has a portfolio of 350+ publishers.

Knowledge is Power: MonetizeMore’s blog is expansive. Their regularly updated blog covers a vast range of topics, from comprehensive publisher guides to the latest ad-tech news. Additionally, for those keen on enhancing their skills, MonetizeMore offers certified courses on Google AdSense and Google Ad Manager, accessible at PubGuru University.

For publishers evaluating ad management partners, MonetizeMore’s PubGuru presents a compelling case. Its blend of advanced technology, robust analytics, and steadfast commitment to publisher success makes it a choice worth considering.

MonetizeMore Pros and Cons

MonetizeMore’s Competitive Edge:

  • Optimized Demand: Among header containers, MonetizeMore consistently tops the charts with the highest page RPMs.
  • Freedom of Commitment: Publishers enjoy the liberty of no lock-in contracts, with a hassle-free 30-day opt-out policy.
  • Forefront of Innovation: Harness the potential of advanced AI technology tailored for ad optimization.
  • Global AdOps Presence: Their diversified team of AdOps professionals spans all time zones, ensuring round-the-clock expertise.
  • Bespoke Consultations: Receive tailored guidance on optimal ad placements, maximizing ad revenues, and ensuring GDPR & CCPA compliance.
  • Transparent Reporting: Dive deep into sophisticated analytics that offers a clear view of performance metrics.
  • Customized Publisher Solutions: Whether you’re a premium or an enterprise publisher, services are tailored to meet specific requirements.
  • Dedicated Support: A committed AdOps and support team stands ready to address every concern, every time.
  • Flexible Financial Terms: Pricing structures and revenue share models are adaptable, contingent on publisher-specific pageview counts.
  • Guarding Against Invalid Traffic: Not only do they maximize revenues, but they also mitigate risks with robust invalid traffic reduction services.
  • Effortless Integrations: Seamless setup for header bidding and Google Ad Manager, ensuring publishers are always ahead in the ad game.
  • Endless Learning Opportunities: A wealth of resources await publishers, from in-depth YouTube tutorials to insightful articles that demystify the ad-tech landscape.
  • Unmatched Support: With 24/7 availability, their AdOps teams set the gold standard in support and premium publisher performance. It’s an unparalleled commitment in the ad-tech sector.


  • MonetizeMore’s minimum traffic requirements are 500K which could be lowered a bit if they want to serve smaller publisher.
  • Their Google AdExchange program is quite selective as they don’t just give AdX access to any publisher.
  • Publishers who aren’t that tech savvy may have a hard time understanding their AI powered header bidding wrapper. However, the support team will be there to guide them.

Minimum Requirements: MonetizeMore vs Publift

For publishers seeking to partner with ad management platforms, understanding the preliminary criteria is essential. Let’s break down the entry prerequisites for MonetizeMore and Publift:

MonetizeMore Eligibility:

  • Revenue Benchmark: A minimum ad revenue of $1,000 is the gateway to getting started with MonetizeMore. However, it’s noteworthy that MonetizeMore does not directly correlate this revenue to pageviews. Their platform has witnessed diverse scenarios: some publishers rake in $10,000 with just 100k pageviews, while others might earn $500 with the same pageview count.
  • Pageview Requirement: To be onboarded as a ‘Starter’ publisher, a minimum of 500,000 monthly pageviews is essential.

Publift’s Criteria:

  • Pageview Threshold: Publift sets its bar at 500,000 monthly pageviews.
  • Revenue Standard: A monthly earning of more than $2,000 USD is a requisite for publishers to be considered for partnership.

While both platforms have set benchmarks, they cater to diverse publisher needs. It’s vital for prospective partners to evaluate these criteria in alignment with their current metrics and future aspirations.

Scale and Reach

MonetizeMore is designed for both small publishers and large enterprises. With a global reach, they serve a diverse range of clients from different regions. While Publift does cater to various publishers, they might have a more localized or regional focus, depending on the market.

Customization and Flexibility

MonetizeMore: With its range of tools and solutions, MonetizeMore can offer a highly tailored approach to ad optimization, accommodating the unique needs of different publishers.

Publift: Their Fuse platform is also customizable, but the breadth of options might differ compared to MonetizeMore.

Awards & Recognition

MonetizeMore: Google Innovation Award 2022, G2 recognitions for every season, Fastest Growing Company.

Publift:2021 Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) Transformation Award, best sell-side technology at The Drum Digital Advertising Awards APAC.

Which one will you choose?

AdSense, MonetizeMore, and Publift each stand out for their unique advantages, and the choice largely depends on the specific needs and scale of the publisher. AdSense, with its user-friendly interface and accessibility, is often the go-to for newcomers in the digital space. Its straightforward integration is particularly appealing to those dipping their toes into online advertising, and its CPC model can yield fruitful returns for domains with notable click-through rates.

Publift, with its focus on tailored solutions and ease-of-use, offers an inviting proposition for publishers, especially those in the APAC region. Its no-code header bidding technology is good for publishers who might not be technically inclined, and its consistent efforts in enhancing ad viewability translate to improved revenues for its users.

MonetizeMore, on the other hand, caters to a broader spectrum of publishers, from emerging content creators to established enterprises. Their diverse range of tools, 24/7 support, and sophisticated reporting systems are well-suited for those who wish for a more comprehensive ad management solution. The platform’s commitment to transparency and its advanced AI technology position it as a future-forward choice for many.

In conclusion, while each platform has its merits, the best choice depends on the publisher’s scale, technical expertise, and specific monetization goals.

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