Tired of waiting for 30-45 days to get paid?

Don’t worry. We’ve designed the fastest payment solution to help publishers get their net payments when they choose to.

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Bust the stress with our Advance Payments solutions

MonetizeMore now provides liquidity and financial workflow solutions to publishers. Publishers will receive payments up to 30% faster before the actual payment processing date based on the traditional NET45 or NET30 payment schedule they have signed up for.

What’s even better about advance payments is that publishers won't have to wait for weeks since payments are processed lightning-fast i.e within 24-48 hours. No other adtech company offers these kinds of benefits.

Benefits you won't find elsewhere

Same-day approval - Super fast funding

Once you pass the eligibility requirements, funds are deposited within 24-48 hours following approval.

Seamless and hassle-free process

Our AdOps team’s quick online processing speeds up the process so you can stay focused on your business and not worry about payment delays.

The fastest way to get your payments

No other AdTech company or loan partner can process your payments within 24-48 hours. The benefit of Speed makes us the number one choice for publishers.

A sustainable & reliable relationship you can depend on

MonetizeMore has worked with thousands of publishers since 2010. We build sustainable relationships.

Qualifying for Advance Payments

The offer is available to publishers who meet the below criteria

  • At least 6 months with MonetizeMore, based on publisher’s start date, not domain start date
  • Invalid Traffic < 3% over the last 6 months
  • No ad serving restrictions or suspension over the last 6 months

3 easy steps to get your Advance Payments

  1. Apply for Advance Payments
  2. The evaluation process starts and it may take 9-11 business days for approval
  3. Once approved, we will send out the payment to you

*Interest rates vary from 0.15-0.25% depending on when the request comes in.

**It’s highly recommened to apply at least 10 business days prior to your scheduled payment date.

Are there any upfront costs?

There will be a small interest fee incurred with the advance payment amount being issued.

  • Requests made later than 10 business days (or 14 calendar days) before payout, the interest will be 0.15% per day.
  • Requests made on or before 10 business days (or 14 calendar days) before payout = 0.25% per day.

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"I really like M2 and the way they work. I like their tech, how they handle things and how they are are so proactive."

Odair, Founders at vivaocredito.com.br