Adsense and DFP Integration: Best Practices

Adsense and DFP Integration: Best Practices

Tools need to be accompanied by skills and best practices, especially in ad operations. DoubleClick for Publishers and Google Adsense can be a very potent combination for your business with certain best practices. Here is a roundup of five good ways to properly integrate Adsense and DFP to increase your site’s ability to earn overtime.

1) The naming system for the ad tags

At the granular level, it can be quite challenging to later keep track of your inventory when ad tags are not named properly. Have a good naming system based on ad type, ad size, and ad campaign to ensure that nothing falls through the cracks.

2) Organized hierarchy of campaigns and orders

When conducting A/B experiments on your ad serving, handling numerous types of ads, and watching out for your inventory at various levels, it pays to have an organized hierarchy of your campaigns and orders. This way, you will not get lost later. A hierarchical taxonomy will prevent you from having to do unwieldy and cumbersome cleaning of your accounts later.

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3) Foresight for special considerations

Apart from the mastery of the user interface, it’s good to have special considerations for use cases like reusing creatives across campaigns and properly competing Adsense with third-party networks and Ad Exchange. Thinking of all the potential scenarios in the future that are specific to your business is a good way to harness the potential of the integration.

4) Regular password changes for security

Hacking is an ever-present threat and regular password changes to both your Adsense and DFP accounts are essential to ensure continuity of your monetization and management efforts.

5) A clear workflow among users

Most importantly, if there are multiple users working on the Adsense and DFP integration, a sturdy workflow among users with their corresponding roles is important. While there are default privileges provided by DFP for administrators, traffickers, and managers, having clearly defined boundaries is still essential for success.

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