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Last updated: July 6, 2022 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on July 6th, 2022

Running video ads is an option for publishers looking for an additional revenue stream. Yet of course, as publishers, you would want an ad network running them on better CPMs filling at almost 100% and providing you good revenue.  In this vertical, we are featuring TOK Media as one of those ad networks with that kind of quality and more.

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Tok is the world’s first social news network that distributes and monetizes discussions about news and the issues of the day. Tok provides a better, more visual discussion experience about issues and events for the user – generates great engagement and revenue for publishers and gives brands a new and powerful way to reach consumers with a richer message and a more dynamic form of content marketing (“Social Content”).

The Tok Ad Network is currently the company’s flagship product for publishers – an automated playlist of polls with incorporated news videos that slot into existing 300×250 ad spaces, earning publishers rev share-based CPMs of $1-2 and higher on 100% fill of the inventory provided.  Implementation is extremely easy – via a simple ad tag – and the network can be up and running in minutes.

The polls are available in four verticals – news, sports, biz-tech and entertainment – and are regularly updated by Tok curators.  One of the attractive aspects of Tok is that it’s not just an ad, but is also a stream of first-class content.  Users see dynamically-updated subjects in what is traditionally an ad space – an interesting poll and a high-quality news video (sourced from AP, Getty Images, Reuters and more).  That draws them to the ad. Publishers need to do nothing more than drop the ad tag into their rotation to benefit both from the content and revenue.

They have a fast-growing database of partnerships and even direct relationships and are currently appearing on hundreds of sites. Tok evolves the online discussion with rich, visually stimulating video-based polls and discussion products. CPMs range from $1 – $2 which almost fills at a hundred. The poll varies too, depending on the vertical – entertainment, sports, news, business/tech, etc. These polls and its content are automatically updated and address both current events and even those that are relevant to your website. TOK though does not provide publishers access to their UI, reports are provided and sent daily.

In addition, TOK is building products that enable a better online discussion about the news and current events where publishers can choose from depending on their goals.

1. Tok Social News Site/App

Tok’s unique social news site makes the discussion king and brings the top issues of the day to a bustling and dynamic community of Tokkers who enjoy voting and debating daily and provide interesting reading for others.  It is not uncommon to see more engagement on a Tok discussion than on the high-traffic news sites the associated article comes from.  Tok will soon be relaunched with new design and features that aim to boost the appeal to users.

2. Toks on your site

Publishers can embed existing or new discussions directly into their content. The product has generated fantastic engagement – up to 70% of unique visitors to pages with Toks on them interacting, doubling of time on page and fascinating conversations that one would be challenged to find elsewhere on the web.

3.  The TOK Discovery Bar (“Top Discussions” or selected by vertical) that can embed in the rail or at the bottom of the page and which promotes both internal and external content.

4. TOK can also create branded discussion hubs for publishers and for marketers

White-labeled discussion hubs that can embed on Facebook pages or on sites. It collects all discussions from the publisher’s pages and functions as a community hub with built-in virality and more. With a flexible design and linked as it is to the Tok network, the Tok Discussion Hub can function as a base to launch discussions to your fan base, on other publisher pages, and across the Tok social content network.

5.  Mobile: In development

An innovative mobile solution that will aim to provide a better way to generate user engagement on mobile than the current largely unsuccessful mobile opinion and conversation platforms. Will offer all the advantages of networked cross-platform curated and hosted discussions.
Tok is working on much more, with syndicated content, native ad solutions and other ways for publishers and marketers to take advantage of the power of Tok’s networked and visual opinion network.

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