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Last updated: September 12, 2021 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on September 12th, 2021

You are well aware of Google AdSense and its alternatives. There are a plethora of online sources talking about the best alternative for those who get slapped by AdSense’ unforgiving policy implementation. Here, we feature, an ad network which can also fill all geographical locations at 100%. It’s not just your ‘next option’ as you could also add it to your existing stack of ad networks to further increase revenues.

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What is

A pay-per-click contextual ad network which means, ads are most likely relevant to your users because they are based on the actual content of your web pages. It’s a combination of the Yahoo Bing advertiser network with’s platform. Here are the pros and cons:

What we like

  1. Dedicated Account Manager
  2. Decent RPM performance (dependent on the site vertical)
  3. Customizable creatives
  4. Intuitive dashboard
  5. Can serve Google-esque ad style
  6. Real-time reporting of impressions (sometimes there’s a few hours up to 2-day delay in revenue and RPM reporting)

What we don’t like

  1. Not all sites can be approved (read further below for reasons)
  2. Your site category may not be available on their list of advertiser categories
  3. They can flag you for low-quality traffic and suspend your account
  4. You can only submit 1 website per invite request
  5. Publisher appeals team is not very responsive

Application Process

The very first step is to request an invite. manually reviews every site submitted for policy compliance. screenshot

The publisher is notified via email of the result. If approved, you will receive your login credentials along with the approval confirmation (congratulations!). If rejected, they will provide possible reasons in their notification email which include but not limited to:

  • Low volume of traffic from Tier 1 geographical locations: US, Canada, United Kingdom
  • Traffic is of low quality
  • Content lacks originality, not contextually relevant to any of’s advertiser categories
  • The site has sensitive content (e.g. mature/adult content, violence)
  • Information provided upon request of the invite was inaccurate

Any publisher who gets rejected can file for an appeal should you think your site meets’s program guidelines. Be sure to back it up with credible reasons showing how your site can provide value to advertisers should they advertise on it.

Technical implementation

As soon as you receive the login credentials, you may then create the ad units as needed. The creatives are customizable — you could change the color scheme to blend with your site making it more clickable — it’s up to you! Or you could also choose from among the few ad styles already available.

create new ad unit

Ad unit creation is very intuitive that even a neophyte won’t get lost. For those with mobile sites, you may choose the ‘enable the mobile option’ and will display a docked unit at the bottom of the screen which would make you more revenue.

advanced options

ad screenshot

Once all settings are in place, you just save and generate the code — copy & paste the snippet of code in the relevant placement of your site.

ad code


The dashboard offers a more granular view of your stats as it allows you to break numbers down by site, by ad units, or overall. You may also choose the date range depending on your need and export to Excel CSV. Again, as previously mentioned, watch out for some delays in RPM & Revenue reporting, although Impressions are always reported real-time. report


The threshold is 100 USD for them to issue payment on a NET30 basis. In short, you need to accrue $100 or more before can send you money. You have the option to either receive it by wire or PayPal. is one of the most efficient and easy-to-work-with ad networks out there. It has afforded success to several of our publishers. If you’re interested in getting a comprehensive monetization plan from, apply here and get an extra %10 revenue for the first 3 months.

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Additional FAQ

How much pays for 1000 impressions?

Generally, publishers earn between $1-$5 RPM and more depending on a variety of factors such as traffic location, quality, and vertical.

Is good?

Yes, it is. is a good alternative to AdSense and one of the highest paying ad networks in the industry.

Is free?

Yes. is an ad network that publishers can join for free and use to monetize their traffic.

How much can I earn from

The amount you can earn depends on many factors, such as your traffic quality, niche, ad layout, demographics, geographical traffic location, and more. Generally, RPMs are between $1-$5 and more.

How does work? is a contextual ad network that shows ads based on the content of your web pages. It’s a combination of the Yahoo Bing advertiser network with’s platform. Publishers monetize their traffic by showing ads from the network while advertisers pay for ads to show within the network.

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