5 Tips to Optimize Adsense Campaigns

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Last updated: July 30, 2019 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on July 30th, 2019

Google Adsense for most publishers is a major source of revenue. Yet not all publishers delve into details to get improvements and get better with this revenue source. Though we have provided you some tips on our previous articles, this article can help you once you are running Adsense. Here are 5 tweaks that you could use to optimize Adsense campaigns:

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1) Insert Ads Into Content

We have been actually mentioning this technique in our previous blog posts. Ads in the middle of the article improve visibility thus, translating into more clicks and increased revenue.

The text should be wrapped around the ads or the portion of the text should be placed before the first ad. You may also insert a 468×60 in between articles just like what PerezHilton.com site did.

5 Tips to Optimize Adsense Campaigns MonitizeMore

2) BTF Monetization

Since almost all websites focus on positioning the top-performing ad units above the fold, we’d like to remind you to never forget in beefing up you’re below the fold placement. One of the most effective BTF ads gaining both attraction and revenues for websites is the featured content widget that highlights articles from third-party sites. The effectiveness of these ads implementation depends on the style that you would like to use on your site. This unit is much simpler on the About.com site.
5 Tips to Optimize Adsense Campaigns MonitizeMore

For some, they use a 300×250 ad unit at the bottom of the page. Then again, you can always experiment. What works for you may not work on other sites and vice versa.

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3) Floating Ads

5 Tips to Optimize Adsense Campaigns MonitizeMore

This is another way of increasing revenue. More ad visibility translate to more time users spend on ad engagement – which means greater revenue potential. Just be very careful in using floating ads as it may cause users to get annoyed.

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4) Blend text Ads

5 Tips to Optimize Adsense Campaigns MonitizeMore

About.com is one of the sites that utilize text ads very well. Whether inside the article or just plainly within the site, their ads effectively blend as if they are a part of the article. They are seamless and look natural. These ads attract more clicks than you know.

5) Heatmap challenge

Optimization is also about the experiment. Though most publishers think that Adsense is a ‘set it up and do it all for me’ thing, experimenting is one factor that will help you target the improvements that you need. Though we have provided you some tips on how to optimize your Adsense campaigns, it is best for you to not only rely on all of these. The best bet you have by far is Google’s heat map imaging which is based on Google’s analysis of the best spots where users engage put their attention on.

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