How to use the Traffic Cop Report in PubGuru

Publishers who are subscribed to Traffic Cop, MonetizeMore’s proprietary invalid traffic detection and suppression solution, are given access to Traffic Cop reporting in the PubGuru platform.

On your PubGuru dashboard, it can be accessed under the Policy Violation section.

You can easily set your preferred date range for the report you want to see in the date picker which will open an interactive calendar to let you select fixed dates or simply choose from any of the dynamic date range options available.

The chart shows a line graph displaying both Suspect and Invalid Traffic levels that were detected by Traffic Cop on your website.

Below the chart is a daily breakdown of the Traffic Cop report in tabular format. This report contains important metrics that will help you analyze the traffic quality to assess the risks of invalid traffic to your site. This also shows the level of invalid traffic that Traffic Cop was able to protect you from.

Traffic Cop Report Metrics

  • Tracked Pageviews – Total number of pageviews that Traffic Cop ran on
  • Tracked Sessions – Total number of sessions that Traffic Cop ran on
  • Blocked Impressions – Estimated number of ad impressions blocked by Traffic Cop due to invalid traffic
  • Suspect Traffic – Percentage of user traffic that has a risk level of 40% to 80%
  • Invalid Traffic – Percentage of user traffic that has a risk level of over 80%
  • If traffic is assessed to be invalid, it is considered to be most likely non-human, and Traffic Cop’s ad suppression solution will be triggered, effectively eliminating the risk of being flagged for ad fraud.
  • Total Risk – Aggregate of suspect traffic % + invalid traffic %

To know more about Traffic Cop, click on the Help icon at the bottom of the page to get access to Traffic Cop FAQs and additional materials and resources.

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