Does AdSense offer video ads?

Does AdSense offer video ads?

Yes, AdSense does, and it’s called AdSense for video! It enables publishers to monetize their video content on apps. Using the Google IMA SDK, they can serve ads from the AdSense ad network on HTML5 web, iOS, and Android video players.

If you’re looking for a way to monetize desktop traffic with video ads, take a look at our best video ad networks guide for more ad networks to choose from.

Currently, AdSense for Video (AFV) is not a focus of the AdSense team. The product is in maintenance mode and isn’t open for new sign-ups from publishers. Google still believes video to be an important part of the internet and will continue to create more products surrounding it in the future. If you are already eligible or signed up, you can continue to use it.

What are the requirements for AdSense video ads?

You need to adhere to the following to run video ads from AdSense.

  • As with any AdSense product, you need to adhere to the program policies. There are also specific video policies to keep in mind.
  • Use a video player connected to the Google IMA SDK or one that is VAST 3.0 and VPAID JS compliant.
  • Have video content with over 2 million monthly impressions.
  • This excludes content hosted on YouTube. AdSense for video does not work with YouTube content.

Examples of video ads from AdSense

There are many different types of video ads. With AdSense, you get to show pre, mid, and post-roll video ads (skippable and non-skippable) as well as different sizes of overlay ads. Here are some examples from Google.

Pre, mid and post-roll ads:


Overlay video ads:


What if you aren’t eligible?

Video ads are great, but maybe the video ads offered through AdSense aren’t what you are looking for. Don’t sweat it! Many other video ad networks are available to choose from that offer a lot more options than AdSense. Alternatively, you might not even need to run video ads.

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