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Prepare to be amazed by the astounding impact of MonetizeMore’s Auto Ads Injection! Witness an extraordinary 45% surge in “in-content ad unit” viewability, skyrocketing your session RPM by an impressive 40%, and enjoying a remarkable 38% surge in overall ad revenue. This case study breaks down our latest ad injection feature. Read on to find out how it can benefit you.

Auto Ads Feature Explained

MonetizeMore’s Auto Ads feature injects ads on the web page, which sustainably increases ad revenue. This feature is helpful when a publisher has not implemented ads optimally. 

The Auto Ads Injection is a feature that requires no additional ad units to be placed on the website; only an ad unit is to be created in Google Ad Manager to enable it. The feature is best suited for long content format websites as it targets “in-content ads”.  We have been actively running this feature on a few domains for the past few weeks, consistently making improvements with each iteration.

This feature was enabled on Letssingit and Lyricsbox in the late evening of 13 July 2023 where we changed the target traffic from 5% to 50% because results were insignificant at 5%.

Below is a week-on-week comparison summary of before and after enabling auto ads on Lyricsbox.com.



  1. Viewability of “in-content ad unit” is over 45.63%
  2. We observed a significant increase in revenue, ad impressions, Page RPM and Session RPM
  3. The increase in ads per page was as per trend and can be observed in previous periods.

Below is a week-on-week comparison summary of before and after enabling auto ads on Letssingit.com.



  1. Viewability of “in-content ad unit” scaled by over 45%.
  2. 40% lift in session RPM.
  3. 38% lift in overall ad revenue.

What Now?

In conclusion, MonetizeMore’s Auto Ads Injection proved to be a game-changer for Letssingit and Lyricsbox websites, leading to a substantial increase in ad revenue and improved viewability. Publishers can optimize their websites and maximize earnings by seamlessly injecting ads without additional ad units. Don’t miss out on this revenue-boosting opportunity!

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