Top 9 Ad Networks For The Social Entertainment Vertical

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Last updated: February 22, 2024 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on February 22nd, 2024

This is part of a monthly series featuring the Best Ad Networks for each type of vertical. Stay tuned to more awesome lists of top performing ad networks suitable for your website type.

The social entertainment niche, which includes platforms focused on video sharing, social gaming, music streaming, and interactive communities, benefits from ad networks that specialize in or have robust support for multimedia content and dynamic user engagement.

These sites, are prone to fraudulent traffic because they get a lot of social media traffic however they also get really high clickthrough rates.

At MonetizeMore our skills are well diversified to monetize large sites and this type of site is no different.

Here are some of the best ad networks for this niche, considering their reach, technology, and relevance to entertainment-oriented content:

  1. Google AdSense: With its vast network and advanced targeting capabilities, Google AdSense is a go-to for many publishers in the entertainment niche. It supports a wide range of ad formats, including video and display ads that are crucial for engaging users on social entertainment platforms.
  2. Facebook Audience Network: This network extends Facebook’s powerful targeting capabilities beyond its platform, allowing social entertainment sites and apps to display ads that are highly relevant to their users’ interests and behaviors.
  3. Unity Ads: Specifically designed for the gaming industry, Unity Ads enables developers to monetize their entire player base with ads that are seamlessly integrated into game play, enhancing the user experience rather than disrupting it.
  4. TikTok For Business: Offers unique opportunities for brands to engage with the platform’s large and highly engaged user base through creative, short-form video content. It’s especially effective for social entertainment apps targeting younger audiences.
  5. Snap Audience Network: Similar to Facebook’s offering, this network allows advertisers to reach Snapchat users across other apps with full-screen, immersive ads. It’s ideal for social entertainment platforms seeking to engage a young, dynamic audience.
  6. Spotify Ad Studio: Spotify’s self-serve advertising platform enables brands to create audio ads that reach listeners based on their music tastes, what they’re doing, and demographic information, making it perfect for music streaming services and related entertainment platforms.
  7. AdColony: Known for its high-quality video advertising, AdColony is ideal for apps and sites focused on video content. It offers interactive and engaging ad formats that are well-suited for the social entertainment niche.
  8. Taboola: Specializes in content recommendation, Taboola is effective for social entertainment sites that want to increase user engagement by recommending both internal and sponsored content that matches the user’s interests.
  9. Verizon Media (formerly Oath): With access to powerful data from Verizon’s extensive network, Verizon Media offers targeted advertising solutions across its media properties and beyond, suitable for a variety of entertainment-focused content. They will also decrease unfilled ad impressions because they automatically detect and fill timed-out ads. This is a completely incremental revenue source that will not cannibalize current ads.

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Each of these networks has its strengths and is suited to different aspects of the social entertainment niche, from gaming and video to music and interactive content. When choosing an ad network, consider the specific needs of your platform, including the types of content you offer and the demographics of your audience, to ensure the best fit and maximize your monetization potential.

If you want to get started in monetizing your social entertainment site with the right advertising network partners, contact MonetizeMore. You can also sign up for FREE to Ad Exchange – the best version of Adsense.

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