Top 5 Ad Networks for the News Vertical

This is the second installment of a monthly series featuring the Best Ad Networks for each type of vertical. Stay tuned for more awesome lists of top performing ad networks suitable for your website type.

Knowing which ad networks work well for your particular vertical is very important. Just like you would go to a specialist for specific health concerns, it’s important to implement the best performing ad networks for your specific site.

Here we explore the best performing ad networks for news sites.

5) Evolve Media: CPMs are excellent particularly with the 728×90 ad spot however they have a low fill rate so it is imperative to send the passback tags for the Ad Rep to implement. Beware that their reporting may be lagged but it’s almost worth it due to their performance on our with our news publishers.

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4) Sonobi: They can offer 100% fill rate and can work very closely with you in helping with setup and ongoing concerns you may have. CPMs have been ranging from $0.50 to $1.20 with our news sites and at 100% fill, this can be quite attractive.

3) Komoona: It’s best to set up this ad network with a min CPM around the average ad inventory CPM and serve towards the top of the ad hierarchy. Only target US, UK, Canada, Australia, and Germany for top tier tags and setup tier 2 tags for other countries at a lower setup in our ad server.

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2) Specific Media: They only work on a flat CPM basis. Not a revenue share. They can be very picky at approving you or even replying to you. However, we’ve seen flat CPMs at 100% fill up close to 0.60 and they are also able to offer higher than that at less than 100% fill. Definitely worth a shot but don’t get your discouraged if they are hard to get ahold of.

1) TOK Media: We have been very impressed with this ad network. The best things about TOK is that they are eager to add publishers and actually perform extremely well! Note they have Net 90 payment terms and they only run a video ads on a 300×250 ad unit. But this can be user-initiated sound so it’s not distracting and the CPM”s are great!

Having this list is helpful and you can inquire with these ad networks individually. However, implementing them in a careful manner is just as important, if not more. If you would like help in implementing these or other ad networks, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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