Publishers to monetize in-stream audio ads in Google Ad Manager

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August 18, 2020 | by Kean Graham
Publishers to traffic in-stream audio ads in Google Ad Manager

Recently Google announced a beta program that allows publishers to monetize in-stream audio ads in Google Ad Manager.

There has been a growing interest among publishers to monetize their audio content, especially in the form of podcasts. There is also substantial data to back this up. According to Emarketer, advertisers spent nearly $500 million on podcast ads in 2018. Podcast advertising revenue is also forecasted to reach $1 billion by 2021.

For publishers that use a mix of display ads and audio ads to monetize their content, the change in Google Ad Manager is a big benefit. Publishers can now use the full force of Google Ad Manager’s features to programmatically sell their audio ad inventory more efficiently and at better rates.

This includes selling through private marketplace, programmatic guaranteed, direct deals, and the open exchange.

Find out more about trafficking audio ads over here:

Keep in mind that this feature is currently in beta version and won’t be available to all publishers.


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