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Last updated: September 19, 2019 | by Kean Graham
What is MonetizeMore Demand - a Header Bidding Fact Sheet

This post was most recently updated on September 19th, 2019

Here at the MonetizeMore blog, we have featured several articles and guides about header bidding. If you want a quick fact sheet, you can refer to our infographic about Header Bidding 101.

Beginning in 2016, we’ve seen a lot of publishers advance their knowledge on programmatic technology, particularly header bidding. More and more publishers are aware of the pros and cons of this technology or strategy. Add to that is the challenge of finding the right header bidding partner/provider that fits your publisher business model.

To help you out, we’ve made a more detailed breakdown of what MonetizeMore Demand can offer versus other header bid products. Check out the infographics below:


What is MonetizeMore Demand a Header Bid Solution

MonetizeMore’s proprietary Header Bidding technology addresses many problems that other Header Bid Solutions have yet to resolve:

Problem: Direct header bid implementations slow down page load times.

Solution: MonetizeMore Demand has an adjustable timeout function that prevents any header bid network from loading bids longer than X milliseconds.


Problem: Direct header bid implementations can unintentionally hijack page display–and as a result—user experience as well.

Solution: Our contained JS prevents each header bid network from unintentionally affecting the page display and user experience via tried and tested JS implementation. This is much safer than having to depend on multiple new header bid implementations that hopefully run together harmoniously and don’t break the page.


Problem: Direct header bid implementation allows header bid networks to freely collect all publisher data.

Solution: MonetizeMore Demand prevents header bid networks from collecting publisher data. Think of it as a data firewall for publishers: only the winning header bid network acquires the ad impression data.  This will prevent header bid networks from collecting and selling your first-party data to the highest bidder, including your competitors.


Problem: Direct header bid implementation allows header bid networks to hijack the ad impression auction.

Solution: MonetizeMore Demand ensures a fair auction among all header bid networks. OpenX, for example, skews auctions in its favor with their direct implementation.  Conversely, our setup allows each header bid network to have a fair shot at every impression.  This prevents any “favored” header bid network from having an advantage and winning ad impressions at an unfair discount.


Problem: Direct header bid implementation takes complex ad optimization expertise, mistakes during implementation are expected.

Solution: MonetizeMore Demand simplifies the implementation and testing so publishers can focus on their core competencies.


Problem: Direct header bid implementation takes substantial developer resources and many weeks/months to implement.

Solution: MonetizeMore Demand has been designed to minimize the developer resources needed from the publisher. The setup is being iterated and streamlined on a daily basis. Soon, publishers will only have to provide DFP access and everything will be done via the MonetizeMore team and technology.


Problem: Some direct header bid implementations run synchronously which slows down the load times for content.

Solution: MonetizeMore Demand forces all header bid networks to run asynchronously.


Problem: Some direct header bid implementations use gross RPM bids rather than net RPM bids, cannibalizing inventory from Google and other third-party ad networks at inflated RPMs.

Solution: MonetizeMore Demand only takes the net RPM bids from each header bid network API. Gross RPM bids are not accepted.
If you’re ready to try MonetizeMore Demand, sign up here, or contact to learn more.


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