Programmatic Audio Ads Now Available Through Google DoubleClick Bid Manager

Programmatic Audio Ads Now Available Through Google DoubleClick Bid Manager

Advertisers can now buy programmatic audio ads via the Google DoubleClick Bid Manager through direct and guaranteed deals. Find out why Google decided to take the plunge with audio ads, other companies already offering similar services and more in MonetizeMore’s latest news video.

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Google recently started allowing advertisers to buy programmatic audio ads via DoubleClick Bid Manager (DBM).

Although the programmatic audio market is still new, it’s experienced stable growth over the past few years.

In 2016 Spotify opened its doors to programmatic audio and had reported that their operations grew 94% compared to the previous year.

Pandora bought AdsWizz to build a programmatic audio marketplace for the ad industry.

SoundCloud and iHeartRadio also started offering programmatic audio ads.

Other DSPs such as AppNexus followed suit and started selling programmatic audio ads after Spotify initiated the market in 2016.

Almost 25% of time users spend on mobile goes towards listening to music and podcasts.

Google’s DoubleClick Manager has already integrated audio supply from Google Play Music, Spotify, SoundCloud and plan to add Pandora.

Currently programmatic audio via Google’s DBM only runs on direct and guaranteed deals and not auction based purchasing.

Google plans to launch the open auction-based exchange in the coming months.

Advertisers can target audiences by context, language, and geography.

Although the programmatic audio supply is growing, publisher education and industry standards are needed for the industry to mature.

The programmatic audio market provides publishers with yet another opportunity to maximize inventory earnings in 2018.


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