How to Monetize Sites with Curated and Aggregated Content

How to Monetize Sites with Curated and Aggregated Content

Curated and aggregated content sites naturally attract traffic because of the wealth of content they can source out from the web. Examples of this type are and Publishers gravitate towards this business model because of that advantage. So given a fairly easier way to gather and publish content, the next logical move is to strategize for a monetization plan.

If you’re a newbie publisher, we can start at first trying to understand how curated and aggregated content sites work.

What is a curated content site?

Curated content sites publish gathered and collated content from different sources, using content curators. These are then presented in a new, exciting, meaningful, and organized way around a specific theme. Such content pieces are organized with the goal to bring useful content in one place.

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What is an aggregated content site?

Aggregated content sites are a collection of information based on a common topic involving one or more related keywords. By aggregating other people’s information, you are efficiently enhancing your original content while providing a wider perspective.

There are two forms of aggregated content

1) Aggregation of others’ content.

2) Creation and publication of the content you’ve written yourself then aggregate it.

Here’s a quick info sheet to show the difference between Curated content and Aggregated Content:

Curated versus Aggregated Content

Here are some tips on how to monetize websites with curated and aggregated content:

  1. Charge a fee for access to the content.

Try this: If you are curating a specific area of interest (Health and Fitness, Recipes), you can produce and sell your own eBook or a paid article.

  1. Affiliate Marketing

Try this: You can reach out to sites that are selling services or products and let them know about your niche curated content. The quality of traffic on such niche-sites are really high, and the conversion rate would be great. You can use this as a pitching point and get direct advertisements.

  1. Advertising (Related display ads and/or lead generating text ads)

How to: Monetize your site by placing ads. You may start with AdSense and explore additional types of ads like native ads and video ads. You may also use the traditional standard banner ads, video pre-roll spots or native ads. Place ads on search result pages as aggregated content works with keywords and are effective in searches. You may also add additional revenue streams in the form of non-standard ads like sliders, anchors, in-text ads, and custom leave-behind ads.


If you have questions on how to monetize your specific publisher site model, sign up for a Starter account at MonetizeMore today and we can develop the right revenue plan for you.

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  1. es


    Can a person aggregate what is pretty much simply links to other websites, including scientific studies, videos, etc….?

    I have a huge amount of information organized into categories that I have considered monetizing, because I spend so much time working on it!


    • MonetizeMore

      If you’re able to generate traffic to a page because of the usefulness of the information contained within, then there’s nothing in principle that would stop you monetizing your work. Certain ad networks like AdSense might not approve the site due to a lack of original content, but there are other ad networks that will look at site usage (time spent on page, pages per session etc). Depending on the exact context, affiliate marketing or paid-for access might also work. As we mentioned in the article, if the site is quite niche then even if traffic is lower the rates could be quite good if you were to direct sell ad space to companies involved in the specific area your site covers.


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