How to best implement AdSense Auto Ads

How to best implement AdSense Auto Ads

Ads are getting smarter. They have brains now! AdSense is leveraging machine learning in scanning the different sections of a webpage and can inject ads only if it’s likely to perform well.

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AdSense Auto Ads won’t override or cover any of your pre-existing ad units but instead, will only serve as an additional revenue stream.

There are two settings you can try out. (1) Global settings – settings for the entire site, and (2) Advanced URL settings – allows you to override the global settings and select ad formats for specific URL’s.


This means, even if you have all the ads activated under the Global settings:

choose in-page ads type

but wanted to block In-feed ads for specific pages or URLs, AdSense will respect that and will ensure that only the ad formats you allow are eligible to serve:

select ad settings for your URL group

The same code on every page. If you ever change your mind and would like to modify the Auto Ads settings you previously set, no problem!

You don’t have to change the code every time. Deploy the code once, and that’s it. You have control and can steer the wheel to whatever direction you’d like.

setup auto ads

The code in Head or Body? Either one works. If you have access to the <head> section of the site, place it anywhere within the <head> </head>

html code

If you don’t have access to the <head> section, you may deploy it right after the opening <body> tag.

code 2

WordPress publishers. We recommend you use the Advanced Ads plugin. Google also mentioned them as one of the best plugins to use!

You can download it here:

Measure the results. Run the report by Ad Format and see which one performs best.


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  1. QuestionUnanswered

    It seems auto ads not showing link ads. Any idea on how to activate link-based ads on auto. Thanks for the helpful info.

    • MonetizeMore

      We don’t believe this is possible at present.

      • Justice

        I think auto ads have a lot of potentials but it needs more optimization

  2. Jazib

    Hi, i think google is kind of working like putting ads everywhere because auto ads shows more than normal ads like i have 4 ads on different places on my website but after the implementation of auto ads it shows ads after every 2 or 3 paragraphs. I hope that google will not punish us for policy violation.

  3. chuks

    I tried setting up ads, but I’m getting blank white spaces. My account is ok, and there is no policy violation. The site is ready. What should I do?

    • MonetizeMore

      Sounds like there are no ads to show, or an issue with showing them. Recheck your setup and make sure everything is OK.

  4. guiatech

    i want to get rid of a big ad at the top of my blog with auto ad but cant do it. Is it possible to have control over the ads locations?

  5. mucase

    hey, i read your post and i wanna ask you a query about google adsense….
    you said, there is big issue to put ad code either in Head tag or body tag…. Is that really so? What would happen if we put “in feed ads” in head tag instead of Body tag?

    • MonetizeMore

      They should go in the body tag or the ads won’t serve.


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