How ad networks can prevent advertisers from bidding on invalid traffic with MonetizeMore IVT Blacklists

How ad networks can prevent advertisers from bidding on invalid traffic with MonetizeMore IVT Blacklists

At MonetizeMore, we’ve developed Traffic Cop, a solution that helps detect and prevent invalid traffic from clicking on a publisher’s ads. Traffic Cop has helped many publishers take back control of their ad revenue, minimize revenue clawbacks, and protect their ad network accounts.

We now want to help ad networks protect their advertisers from bidding on invalid traffic and ad inventory. Ad quality is a very serious matter for advertisers, and many ad networks struggle with invalid traffic inventory.

How does it work?

MonetizeMore can provide ad networks with a specialized IVT Blacklist that includes a database of IP addresses and risk scores associated with each. The blacklist will be updated frequently using our Traffic Cop models. Ad networks can use the IVT Blacklist for Pre-bid fraud detection and IVT blocking to protect their advertisers and maintain the integrity of their network.

What is the advantage of Pre-bid fraud detection over Post-bid fraud detection?

Post-bid fraud detection checks only happen after the ad is served, and then invalid traffic might already have clicked on the advertiser’s ad. Pre-bid solutions tackle invalid traffic before an ad is served and have the following advantages:

#1 – Prevents invalid clicks on advertiser ads

#2 – Helps reduce the impact of fraudulent traffic on ad budgets and ad reports

#3 – Enables advertisers to tune their bids based on the risk level calculated by the pre-bid fraud detection system.

Why trust MonetizeMore when it comes to pre-bid fraud detection?

At MonetizeMore, we utilize our proprietary technology for processing engagement behavior analysis by IP and unique fingerprints to estimate the risk levels associated with traffic. This information is critical to ad networks and advertisers as it brings surety on traffic quality before bidding on traffic.

With Traffic Cop, we investigate traffic data from the publishers and have more exposure to traffic behavior compared to ad networks as they can only access traffic data within the ad iframe. This helps us to build better data models and effective IVT Blacklists.

How to get access to our IVT Blacklist?

Do you want more information on our IVT Blacklist, how we create it and what it can offer your ad network? Get in touch by filling out the form below:



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