New Google Double Verify Ads to Avoid Invalid Clicks

Google has found a means to counter invalid click activity. They are rolling out changes on text ad creatives. Once their Spam/Engineering team detects a high volume of invalid clicks on a certain text ad unit, the ad creative will change.

A “Visit Site” note (or a localized equivalent) appears on the first click to validate the user’s intent to visit the ad’s landing page (or to get more information about the ad). This happens after the first click on the call-to-action button of the ad has been made.

Google ads screenshot
This will help improve user experience on your site while minimizing invalid click activity and accidental clicks.

What’s in it for publishers?

Better site experience leads to happy users, which then translates to better ad engagement and performance. The most crucial effect of this is that you’re getting a level of protection against invalid click traffic. And you know how that positively affects your Adsense or Ad Exchange account standing. Google has been known to combat invalid click activity to the point of banning Adsense sites and accounts.

This new ad creative system should be a welcome solution to publishers!

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Kean Graham

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  1. Toneysoft

    How can i stop invaild click my adsense ad please give solution

    • Kean Graham

      Hi Toneysoft,

      You can try installing Cloudflare or Forensiq as a traffic suppression technology for your site/s.


    Good day,
    I am a blogger and i am having problem with my adsense. Initially when i applied i was told my blogger blog did not meet the requirement but last month i was allowed to paste the ad code on my site and was told my site was still under review and just today i was told to read the adsense policiy please i need your help

    • MonetizeMore

      All publishers should read the AdSense program policies to make sure their site is compliant, both before signing up and during participation in the AdSense program. If you make changes to any non-compliant areas this will improve (though not guarantee) your approval chances.


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