Filipino for Adsense Publishers: New Market Opportunity

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Last updated: August 23, 2019 | by Kean Graham
Filipino for Adsense Publishers- New Market Opportunity

This post was most recently updated on August 23rd, 2019

Grow your online publishing business by catering to the Filipino audience! If you are an Adsense or Ad Exchange publisher looking for new market opportunities – targeting the PH demographics is the best move!

PH traffic generation won’t be a challenge to publishers

Early this year, Adsense has added Filipino as one of its supported languages. We believe this is due to the growth of online internet usage in the Philippines, whose population amount to millions – one of the largest in the world.
Check out Google’s public data from the World Development Indicators (WDI):

Filipino for Adsense Publishers: New Market Opportunity MonitizeMore

Data from the World Bank:

See the exponential growth in internet usage beginning 2009, up until 2014 and into the present.

This is also indicative of economic growth, and the country’s literacy rate versus other Asian neighbors. Other important factors to the rise in internet usage in the Philippines is the many occasions that the country made global headlines, such as:

  • The 2016 National Elections
  • Ms. Universe 2015
  • Pacquiao – Mayweather Fight in 2015
  • Ms. World 2013
  • The 2010 National Elections

And many more.

Publishers cannot run out of content to write, and users remain hungry for information to consume. These international and domestic highlights propel massive online traffic to various news, entertainment, and social sites.

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PH tops social media for driving traffic

Investing in Filipino content is profitable. The country is known to be the top time-spender on social media! It is also expected that in 2016, it will reach 42.1 million Facebook users. So if you are doubting the social traffic potential of this audience – no need for that. In fact, publishers can use the propensity of Filipinos to Facebook to their advantage!

Filipino for Adsense Publishers: New Market Opportunity MonitizeMore

Solid desktop users, less Ad Blocking

Desktop and laptop browsing are not dead in the Philippines. Although its mobile internet usage is on the rise, publishers are secured of having a solid audience base from desktop users with a lower threat of ad blocking. The Philippines, along with Brazil, spends the most time for desktop browsing with an average of 5.2 hours per day.

How to monetize Filipino content

Here are some ways you can start monetizing Filipino content:

1) Sign up to Ad Exchange here, or register to become our Premium Publisher.

2) Google ads in Filipino will show up to match your Filipino content. You can also set your ad geo-targeting to the Philippines.

3) Study PH demographics’ user behavior – where do they click, which pages do they linger on, which type of ads appeal to them. Design the right user-experience for them.

4) Run experiment to test ad placement – or request this from our adops team if you are a premium publisher. Don’t forget to track and measure results.

5) Invest in content generation by looking up popular Google search trends in the Philippines, or monitoring top viral posts on Facebook.

Get started on increasing your ad revenues through new markets. Our AdOps team can manage your full monetization strategy. Sign up free to Ad Exchange, or register as our Premium Publisher.

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