The hottest European Ad Networks right now [2024’s High CPC AdSense Alternatives]

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Last updated: January 23, 2024 | by Aleesha Jacob

This post was most recently updated on January 23rd, 2024

Do you want to find out which European ad networks offer the most value for your budget? If yes, Look no further. Each ad network offers its own set of features, but they’re usually pretty similar across most platforms. Some European ad networks are performance-based, while some are flexible.

It’s not always easy choosing which one will work for you; there are a variety of European ad networks out there claiming to be the best. CPMs aka cost per impressions tends to be the main metric that every established publisher maximizes and so should you! In this post, I’ll share some reasons for choosing specific advertising platforms and explain how they can help your publishing business grow.

The hottest European Ad Networks right now [2024's High CPC AdSense Alternatives] MonitizeMore

In order to ensure success, it is essential for publishers to be able to go for those ad networks that will be able to deliver them the results they are seeking for.

Here are some of the best European ad networks in 2024 for publishers who want to boost their revenue:


The hottest European Ad Networks right now [2024's High CPC AdSense Alternatives] MonitizeMore

Located in more than 107 countries, Adnow is one of the fastest-growing native ad networks. They have a strong presence in Europe and South Asia. With AdNow, publishers can get related post widgets to be placed on their blog posts. When visitors view the sponsored content or click on the related posts widget, they earn money.

Millions of webmasters are using AdNow to make a good profit. For those who don’t know, AdNow is a content-driven, transparent, and secure platform to monetize websites. The content here is reviewed by its team of moderators.

Publishers here can earn around $0.2-$2 per thousand impressions through AdNow depending on the traffic. AdNow doesn’t have any minimum traffic requirements. However, your clicks need to be bot-free and always publish quality content. You’ll be able to see the additional earnings coming by if your site is getting more than 30K page views a day.

The AdNow ad network has around 900 million users plus 4 billion impressions on a monthly basis. Their CPMs are ranging between $0.1-$0.2 cents depending on which country you are located in. They’ve got remarkable native ad formats with more than a 1% CTR average. They steadily boost your eCPMs with a $100 fill rate & buyout.


The hottest European Ad Networks right now [2024's High CPC AdSense Alternatives] MonitizeMore

ExoClick is a self-serve ad network based in Barcelona that provides online advertising services to publishers, brands, and advertisers around the world via rich media, video ads, mobile advertising, etc. The ExoClick ad platform is one of the most comprehensive in its category serving more than a billion geo-targeted ad impressions on a monthly basis.

It offers multiple ad formats both pre-roll video ads as well as other types like notification bar or display banner, interstitial, in-video ads, mobile redirects, etc all targeted to different audiences with specific interests based on their location! The ExoClick platform is typically for publishers with a high volume of traffic who want to monetize their ad inventory & mobile inventory with additional benefits.

With ExoClick, publishers have increased their native ad zone CPMs. Whatever AdNetwork you have, always double-check for CTR improvements as the higher the CTR the more valuable your ad space becomes to advertisers. Some publishers have seen their ad revenue grow by 55% for native ad zones and CPMs increase by 200%. For advertisers, CTRs soared from 0.03% to 0.24%.

The CPM rates are usually high for European traffic. In a nutshell, it is a reliable ad network and does the job well when it comes to serving ads immediately after approval. 

MOBILE +43% +50% 0.06% – 0.14%
DESKTOPS +10.8% +7% 0.02% – 0.03%


The hottest European Ad Networks right now [2024's High CPC AdSense Alternatives] MonitizeMore

Teads is another industry-standard European ad network in the video ad network category. The french-based video ad network was founded in 2011 and their advertiser base is mainly European based with clients in the US too.

Teads’ video advertising solutions are specifically tailored toward brands, so they have a higher bar for working with publishers. They have worked with well-known entertainment companies like Mashable.

Ads, conversions/engagements, and CPM rates are made better by the premium quality of advertisers and publishers, so both the publishers and advertisers are content and willing to invest in this video ad network.

Teads is a great ad network option to go for if your site content is brand-safe & premium quality. They offer their clients an array of different advertising options including banner ads, text links, rich media video ads which they call ‘in-read video ads.’

If you’re looking for minimum traffic requirements for Teads, they’d probably prefer sites with lots of engagement instead of just numbers. In a nutshell, publishers prefer Teads if they want to showcase out-stream video inventory, monetizing it via programmatic ad buying.


The hottest European Ad Networks right now [2024's High CPC AdSense Alternatives] MonitizeMore

Criteo is one of the most successful European ad tech companies out there today trusted by over twelve thousand advertisers, delivering personalized ads to over 100+ countries. More than 100 global brands directly plug into Criteo‘s advertising pool means this Paris, France-based Ad Network is a must for monetizing European Traffic.

Criteo is an ad network for internet retailers who want to increase their sales by showing targeted ads to people browsing their websites. Criteo focuses mainly on ROI-driven personalized retargeting. Criteo Dynamic Re­targeting helps online retailers drive conversions with their innovative ad retargeting technology that offers personalized and dynamic ads.

How Criteo takes care of this:

  • This European ad network recommends the best offer from the whole catalog (usually the best-selling products).
  • It optimizes campaign performance by dynamically choosing the most engagement-driven components.
  • Accurate purchase intent predictions via machine learning, AI, and deep learning.

This ad network does guarantee ultra-high CPMs ranging around 2X to 3X of the Google AdSense revenue. At first, the fill rates are expected to be lower. Use a DFP driven passback for that. Also, ensure that your website content is brand safe.

Compared to AdSense CPMs, Criteo pays out CPMs 2-3X more than the regular AdSense CPM. Their CPMs range between $1- $5 per thousand ad RPMs each for European traffic.

It syncs well with blogs in the fashion, traveling, & lifestyle niche. Sign up to the Criteo marketplace so that you can instantly access 17K ad brands. Publishers usually experience 20-40% traffic monetized by this ad network at CPM rates profoundly higher than AdSense. Thus, it’s a no-brainer.


The hottest European Ad Networks right now [2024's High CPC AdSense Alternatives] MonitizeMore


Tradedoubler is for advertisers and publishers, who want to scale their business. They offer performance marketing and advertising technology solutions driving a distinctive network of connections.

With over two decades of digital marketing innovation and expertise, global presence, and an industry-leading technology platform Tradedoubler offers tailored performance solutions based on the publisher’s and advertiser’s needs.

Verizon Media

The hottest European Ad Networks right now [2024's High CPC AdSense Alternatives] MonitizeMore


Verizon Media connects publishers with advertisers and ad server technologies; the company currently serves over 1,000 direct publishers. Amongst the available display formats, there are three types of displays – native, mobile, display, and video display ad inventories.

Publishers who want to offer their ad space at high prices can choose between different types of header bidding options instead of using traditional waterfall bidding. Advertisers also get premium access to publishers’ inventory. They come with controls for brand safety as well as tools for taking care of premium inventory that is seamlessly integrated.


The hottest European Ad Networks right now [2024's High CPC AdSense Alternatives] MonitizeMore

PopAds displays pop-ups and pop-unders which it claims are among its top-performing advertisements. It comes among the popular mobile networks for monetizing European traffic.

They have worked with advertisers from more than 50 different countries, and they provide a referral program for both their advertisers and their publishers. PopAds offers a tonne of targeting options that publishers and brands can use to improve their campaigns. You can choose to pay how much you want for each popunder since it uses a state-of-the-art bidding system. The cheaper the bid, the smaller the traffic.

They have high CPM rates – Around $6 For US & European visitors (Average – $1.50).



The hottest European Ad Networks right now [2024's High CPC AdSense Alternatives] MonitizeMore

AdXperience was founded in 2011 by Stephane Pitoune, a digital media expert, and Fabrice Guz, a stock exchange trader.

In combination, these two companies created a sophisticated advertising technology that was continually adapting itself to meet their clients’ every need. Their user base is mostly mobile publishers & mobile developers. However, they sell their ad technology to premium advertisers as well.

The company works on delivering optimum user engagement and transforming the mobile advertising network industry by making it more transparent, and accessible to everybody.

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