Doubleclick’s First Look: What’s in it for Publishers?

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Last updated: August 22, 2019 | by Kean Graham
Doubleclick First Look

This post was most recently updated on August 22nd, 2019

There has been so much hubub about header bidding and The Big G is feeling the noise. DFP First Look which is currently on beta is apparently Google’s defense to header bidding. It requires selected buyers to have a seat in Doubleclick Ad Exchange and gives them insight to the publishers’ inventory before they can bid and serve an ad.

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Doubleclick's First Look: What's in it for Publishers? MonitizeMore

Doubleclick’s First Look is Google’s counter-defense to header bidding. –

Perceived Benefits

As expected, DFP First Look would make more money for the publishers. Similar to tagless solutions a.k.a. header bidding, it’s always the best price possible that gets into play. As header bidding gains popularity, Google was seriously looking into it.

Doubleclick for Publishers First Look will be available to publishers in early 2016.

So what’s in it for publishers?

  • Zero-latency – no additional ad request
  • Simple setup – works with publishers’ existing line items; no need to add anything
  • Compatibility – compatible across all devices and platforms
  • More demand for DFP enhanced auction – programmatic buyers are given the chance to bid, even way ahead of sponsorships. Buyers are part of Doubleclick Ad Exchange which means you get to keep all the security settings and account preferences you have in place.
  • Control – publishers can manage demand just the same as in private or open marketplaces.
  • Possible Revenue Lift – Google claims that they have seen a 10% lift in revenues with DFP First Look.

What other publishers think about it?

Header bidding is said to have been invented because Google is not playing fair. There is a monopoly in the relationship between DFP and AdX. With DFP First Look, it would still be the buyers within AdX that will have the first shot. Who believes Google would let OpenX or Appnexus or Sovrn (all offer tagless solutions) have a shot at first look inventory?

The scare tactics (latency) that Google is using could actually be an opportunity for them to perhaps find a way to integrate all these different header bidding networks into their exchange, which of course is next to impossible. Bottom line is, there has to be a solution that would eliminate monopoly while maintaining control, speed, and security. Besides, DFP remains to be the decision machine for all the header bid solutions (at least for now).

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Which way to go? Header Bidding or DFP First Look?

Doubleclick for Publishers First Look could be worth the shot. Ultimately, the goal is to make more money out of these available ad technologies. Monitor your KPIs and use your best judgment.

Read more about DoubleClick For Publishers here.

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If you want to try Doubleclick’s First Look, you need to be eligible for Ad Exchange first. Sign up here to get started.


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