Casale Media Ad Network Review

Casale Media Ad Network Review

Casale Media is a company that deals with online media through ad networks and campaign development technologies. They are based out of Toronto but also have offices in seven other cities throughout Canada and the United States. Casale Media has earned itself quite a highly respected reputation due to continuing striving towards innovation and high-quality services.

In terms of interface, the score for Casale Media comes to a 4.5. The interface is useful and easy to access but is quite complicated. Setting up the interface and using it, is geared more towards those with a decent amount of web skills. However, Casale Media does offer helpful tech support for those in need. Also, the interface does offer a variety of options; it allows total control of group targeting and ad placement among other things. Basically, the interface offers a lot but in order for it to be used effectively, the more web skills you have, the better.

The Casale Media website itself is laid out in a user-friendly manner if you know what you’re looking for.  There is a lot of information; anything you can think of is probably there. Unfortunately, if you do not quite know what you’re looking for or are not sure where to find the information you need, you may become lost through endlessly searching for a needle in a haystack. One addition that would be helpful is a search box, this could cut down a lot of time if you’re not sure where to find the information you need.

For performance, the score is 4. One limitation would be languages. Casale Media focuses exclusively on English and French content.  Casale Media’s coverage is global with exclusive inventory representation for the United States and Canada. So the coverage is global but the focus is on Canada and the United States. The CPM rates vary and are different for each publisher as it depends on how the inventory of each publisher performs. In terms of targeting, Casale Media offers a variety of options. For research, Casale Media uses product consumption data, surveys, and panels from five different market research companies.

In terms of features, Casale Media gets a 4.5. The ad types they offer are In-Banner, Pop-Under, Expandable Banner and Floating ads. They also offer six different ad sizes which are Pop Under (full page), Rectangle (300×250 & 336×280), Banner (728×90) and Tower (120×600). There is also a variety of targeting types available. These include psychometric attributes, site-level demographics, geolocation (when and where to concentrate your coverage), technographics (target customers using qualities specific to their system), and retargeting (helping to keep in contact with interested customers).  Among the many nifty little features of the Casale Media website, you do have the option of viewing advertiser campaigns.

Now, for the quality of service, it’s mixed so the score is 3.5. You can find the odd frustrated customer but you can also find completely satisfied customers as well. Google searches provide both happy and unhappy customers. Happy customers tend to speak about program rates, revenue share and solid support while unhappy customers tend to complain about the very high standards for new publishers to qualify for services. Casale Media requires a website to have 50,000 UV (Unique Visitors) each month to even apply for services. In order to qualify for the full benefits that Casale Media offers, a website must have 250,000 UV or more. Casale Media’s pickiness can be considered a pro or con, depending on whom you ask.

One positive aspect is the website does offer options for contacting the company.  You have the option of sending an email to the website where you can choose categories under which your question or statement may fall. You also have the option of calling the Director of Ad Sales or the Regional Sales Manager and they list both the name and number for both. You do have the option of working with an ad representative to help you with problems you may be having. Casale Media also has both flexible and comprehensive reporting but on the downside, you cannot setup passback ads (backup ads) on the reporting interface and have to do it with an ad representative which can decrease efficiency.

For reliability, the score comes to 4.5. Casale Media gets points for having a reputation for consistently paying on time. The minimum payout is $25 and the payment model is CPM or CPC. Payments are made each month at approximately the19th on business days so payment days are affected by the weekends. There are options for payments which are PayPal or cheque. One downside would be is that payments are required to be made up front for each ad campaign. Also, ad revenue and ad impression discrepancies do happen but Casale Media offers eager to help ad representatives to help try and resolve any problems. Casale Media is known for placing high value on brand safety.

Overall, the score comes to 4.5. Casale Media is reliable and trustworthy but there is room for improvement. They have a great reputation and if you don’t mind their pickiness or focus on U.S. or Canadian traffic then they just may be the right one for you.

Kean Graham

CEO and Founder at MonetizeMore

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  1. Samer

    I was planning to apply Casale Media, anyways thanks for the info

    • Kean

      Great, I hope it goes well for you 🙂


    • Kean

      Great, I hope it goes well for you.

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