Best Programmatic Ad Platforms to make 8 figures

Last updated: February 14, 2024 | by Aleesha Jacob

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Programmatic advertising is projected to surpass the $300 billion mark next year. This surge highlights the increasingly pivotal role of automation and data-driven decision-making in connecting advertisers with their target audiences across the digital ecosystem. As the AdTech industry evolves, identifying the most effective and innovative programmatic advertising platforms becomes crucial for publishers and advertisers alike to capitalize on this growth. Below, we explore the best programmatic advertising platforms that are at the forefront of shaping the future of programmatic advertising, offering award-winning advanced solutions.


MonetizeMore stands out as a leader in programmatic advertising by offering a comprehensive suite of tools and services designed to maximize publishers’ ad revenues while ensuring a high-quality user experience.

Here’s a table showcasing how MonetizeMore meets the standards for publishers on being the best programmatic advertising platform:

Feature How MonetizeMore Delivers
Ad Revenue Optimization Utilizes advanced algorithms and machine learning to continuously optimize ad inventory, ensuring maximum RPMs and ad fill rates.
Automated Operations Offers a fully automated ad management system, reducing the need for manual intervention and streamlining ad sales.
Advanced Targeting Employs sophisticated targeting capabilities to match ads with the most relevant audience, increasing engagement and advertiser satisfaction.
Real-Time Analytics Provides publishers with real-time data and insights, allowing for immediate adjustments to strategies and operations for better performance.
High-Quality Demand Connects publishers with high-quality advertisers from around the globe, ensuring premium ad placements and 10X revenue opportunities.
Diverse Ad Formats Supports a wide range of ad formats, including display, video, native, interscroller, rewarded, and more, to enhance user experience and revenue potential.
Compliance and Security Ensures strict adherence to industry standards and regulations, protecting user data and publisher reputation.
Dedicated Support Offers AdOps support 24/7 and account management to help publishers navigate challenges and optimize their ad revenue.

1500+ Publishers love MonetizeMore for its innovative ad optimization technology that maximizes ad revenue through advanced programmatic strategies. The platform offers personalized support and access to premium demand, ensuring publishers achieve the highest possible RPMs.

MonetizeMore stands out with its user-friendly dashboard and real-time analytics, empowering publishers with actionable insights to optimize their ad inventory effectively. Additionally, its commitment to transparency and ethical advertising practices builds trust and fosters long-term partnerships with publishers worldwide.

Don’t believe it? Check out the G2 reviews here.

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Google Ad Manager

Best Programmatic Ad Platforms to make 8 figures MonitizeMore

Google Ad Manager excels by offering a robust and flexible ad serving platform that caters to the needs of publishers of all sizes, enabling them to maximize their advertising revenue while maintaining a positive user experience.

Here’s a table highlighting Google Ad Manager as a powerful programmatic advertising platform, detailing its key features, requirements, and supported formats:

Feature Details of Google Ad Manager
Platform Requirements Requires a Google account and acceptance of Google’s terms and conditions. Publishers must adhere to Google’s ad policies.
Revenue Optimization Advanced machine learning algorithms optimize bids in real-time, maximizing revenue for publishers.
Ad Formats Supported Supports a wide variety of ad formats, including display, video, mobile, native, and rich media ads.
Targeting Capabilities Offers granular targeting options based on demographics, interests, geography, and behavior, among others.
Cross-Platform Support Seamlessly integrates ads across websites, mobile apps, and video content, providing a unified advertising experience.
Real-Time Reporting Provides comprehensive, real-time analytics and reporting tools for monitoring performance and managing inventory.
Direct & Programmatic Deals Facilitates both direct sales and programmatic transactions, including private auctions and preferred deals.
User Experience Focus Includes features to improve ad speed and user experience, such as lazy loading and mobile-optimized formats.
Compliance & Security Ensures compliance with industry standards and regulations, including GDPR and CCPA, protecting user privacy.

Most publishers stick to Google Ad Manager for its comprehensive ad management and serving capabilities, which allow for seamless integration of various ad formats across multiple platforms. Its advanced targeting options and real-time bidding system ensure maximum revenue by connecting publishers with the highest-paying advertisers. The platform also provides detailed analytics, enabling publishers to gain insights into ad performance and audience behavior. Moreover, its robust support for direct deals and programmatic sales offers publishers flexibility and control over their inventory.

Smarty Ads

Best Programmatic Ad Platforms to make 8 figures MonitizeMore

SmartyAds’ Supply-Side Platform is celebrated for its user-friendly interface, facilitating quick and efficient navigation. A significant benefit is the platform’s support system, offering direct communication via Skype and other online messengers, enhancing the user experience for publishers.

Feature Details of SmartyAds
Platform Requirements Easy integration with minimal setup requirements, suitable for businesses of all sizes.
Revenue Optimization Offers a wide range of tools for revenue optimization, including RTB, direct deals, and private marketplaces.
Ad Formats Supported Supports display, video, native ads, and mobile ads, catering to diverse advertising needs.
Targeting Capabilities Advanced targeting options include geographic, device type, operating system, and user behavior targeting.
Cross-Platform Support Provides solutions for web, mobile, and in-app advertising, enabling publishers to monetize various content types.
Real-Time Reporting Features real-time analytics and reporting for tracking ad performance and optimizing strategies.
Direct & Programmatic Deals Supports both programmatic and direct ad deals, giving publishers flexibility in how they sell their inventory.
User Experience Focus Prioritizes user experience with ad formats that are designed to be non-intrusive and engaging.
Compliance & Security Adheres to industry privacy standards and regulations to protect user data and ensure a safe advertising environment.


Best Programmatic Ad Platforms to make 8 figures MonitizeMore

Criteo is highly regarded for the quality of its traffic sources, enabling users to achieve significant success with retargeting campaigns, even from a last-click attribution perspective. This effectiveness, especially in the context of the display’s typically upper-funnel nature, sets Criteo apart from competitors, as evidenced by superior performance that has retained users who have not found similar success elsewhere.

Feature Details of Criteo
Platform Requirements Requires integration with Criteo’s platform, with support provided for setup and optimization.
Revenue Optimization Utilizes machine learning to optimize ad placements for higher conversion rates and revenue.
Ad Formats Supported Specializes in display ads, with a strong focus on retargeting ads for e-commerce.
Targeting Capabilities Advanced targeting based on user shopping behavior and interests, ideal for personalized advertising campaigns.
Cross-Platform Support Offers retargeting solutions across web, mobile web, and apps, enhancing the reach of ad campaigns.
Real-Time Reporting Provides detailed reports and insights to measure campaign performance and ROI effectively.
Direct & Programmatic Deals Primarily focuses on dynamic retargeting, utilizing programmatic buying to place ads.
User Experience Focus Aims to enhance the shopping experience with personalized ads that are relevant to the user’s interests and behavior.
Compliance & Security Ensures compliance with global data protection regulations, safeguarding user privacy and data security.

Areas for Improvement in Criteo: While recent updates have improved its user interface, Criteo Commerce Growth’s UI still faces challenges in intuitiveness. Users express a desire for greater data visibility and the ability to more easily manipulate and analyze data within the platform. Enhanced UI functionality would further empower users to optimize their campaigns effectively.

The Trade Desk

Best Programmatic Ad Platforms to make 8 figures MonitizeMore

Positive Aspects of The Trade Desk: The user interface of The Trade Desk is highly praised for its simplicity and intuitiveness, making navigation and report generation straightforward. The exceptional customer service team is another highlight, known for their readiness to assist, provide insightful recommendations, and keep users informed about new features. Additionally, the knowledge base is a valuable resource for quick answers, enhancing the overall user experience with The Trade Desk’s digital advertising platform.

Feature Details of The Trade Desk
Platform Requirements Access requires a business account setup, with tailored solutions for advertisers and agencies.
Revenue Optimization Employs advanced algorithms for optimizing bid strategies and maximizing ad performance and revenue.
Ad Formats Supported Offers a comprehensive range of ad formats, including display, video, audio, native, and connected TV (CTV).
Targeting Capabilities Utilizes detailed audience data for precise targeting, including demographic, behavioral, and contextual targeting.
Cross-Platform Support Seamless integration across devices and platforms, enabling advertisers to reach audiences wherever they are.
Real-Time Reporting Advanced reporting tools provide insights into campaign performance, audience reach, and engagement metrics.
Unified ID 2.0 Supports Unified ID 2.0, enhancing user privacy while maintaining accurate targeting and measurement capabilities.
Data Protection Compliance Adheres to global privacy standards, ensuring data security and user privacy across campaigns.


Areas for Improvement in The Trade Desk: One area for enhancement involves the budget allocation process for ad groups, which currently does not allow for automatic rollover from month to month. This can lead to inefficiencies and challenges in maintaining continuous campaign delivery. The platform’s method for counting conversions could also benefit from alignment with DCM reporting standards to ensure consistency. Moreover, frequent updates to the user interface, while aimed at improvement, can sometimes disrupt user familiarity and workflow.

Solving Challenges with The Trade Desk: The Trade Desk efficiently addresses the challenges of integrating with third-party services, managing digital out-of-home (DOOH) advertising, and simplifying the daily management of numerous insertion orders (IOs). These capabilities significantly benefit advertisers by streamlining operations, enhancing campaign reach, and improving the effectiveness of digital advertising efforts across various channels and platforms.


What are the Best Programmatic Ad Platforms?

The best programmatic advertising platform for publishers is one that offers robust optimization tools, high fill rates, and RPMs. Google Ad Manager stands out due to its comprehensive ad serving tools, advanced targeting options, and extensive demand from advertisers worldwide. Additionally, MonetizeMore’s proprietary technology, PubGuru, further enhances publishers' revenue by optimizing ad inventory and providing detailed analytics to maximize earnings from programmatic ads. Together, these platforms empower publishers to effectively manage and monetize their ad space.

How much more can you make with Programmatic Advertising Platforms?

With programmatic advertising platforms, publishers can see revenue increases of 20% to 50% on average. The actual earnings can vary widely, with CPMs ranging from $0.50 to over $10, depending on factors like pageviews, user demographics, and the quality of the site's content. Publishers targeting audiences in high-value markets like the US, Canada, and Europe often see the higher end of this range.

How Does a Programmatic Advertising Platform Work?

A programmatic advertising platform automates the buying and selling of online ad space, using algorithms to match publishers' inventory with advertisers' demand in real-time. Through a process called Real-Time Bidding (RTB), ads are placed on publishers' sites based on the audience's relevance and the advertiser's bid. The platform optimizes ad placements to ensure the highest revenue for publishers while targeting the most appropriate audience for advertisers. This technology-driven approach streamlines ad transactions, making them more efficient and effective.

What is a Programmatic Advertising Platform?

A programmatic advertising platform is an AdTech solution that automates the buying, selling, and management of online ad inventory. It uses algorithms and machine learning to facilitate real-time bidding (RTB) and direct deals, optimizing ad placements across a wide range of publisher sites. This enables advertisers to efficiently reach their target audience and publishers to maximize their ad revenue.

What are the benefits of Using Programmatic Advertising Platforms?

For publishers, utilizing programmatic advertising platforms offers significant benefits, including increased revenue through optimized ad inventory that ensures higher fill rates and competitive CPMs. These platforms streamline operations by automating the ad selling process, which reduces the need for direct sales efforts and negotiations, saving time and resources. Additionally, they leverage user data for advanced targeting, enhancing ad relevancy and engagement with the audience.

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