Best AdSense Alternatives in 2014 Per Vertical

AdSense is the ad network that all websites want once they have decided to use display advertising monetization, and for good reason! It has a very high fill rate and a tremendous geographic reach!

However, it is not the end-all and be-all of ad networks. You may not get approved by Google Adsense or you may get banned for whatever reason. Knowing the best alternatives to AdSense is very important; particularly for your specific vertical.

adsense alternatives

There are many generalized lists out there, but if the suggestions don’t run your vertical it is a waste of time. Even if the ad networks on those lists of ‘best’ agree to partner with you, the performance might be bad and the research and time you put into building this partnership are completely wasted.

Take a look at the following list of best ad networks for two common verticals – plus a review for your mobile traffic.

For the Gaming Vertical

1) Venatus Media

With excellent CPMs in the UK with 100% fill rate in that country, this ad network is a must if you have a gaming site that gets UK traffic. It offers decent to low CPM’s in other countries but it’s on this list because of its excellent performance at 100% fill in the UK.

2) Intergi

Claiming to be the largest gaming community online will get your attention but their ability to offer Video and Display ads at great CPMs is nothing to argue against.

3) Live Gamer

Despite an absolutely horrid interface, Live Gamer monetizes most countries but performs best for 1st tier countries.

For the News Vertical

1) Specific Media

Great flat CPM offerings in the USA. Nice and simple to work with an easy to read interface.

2) TOK Media

If you’re willing to run videos on your news related site, this ad network can earn very high CPs at good fill rates.

3) (Get 10% Extra For Your First 3 Months)

Partnered with Yahoo and Bing ads, it is able to monetize all countries and at 100% fill. Revenues are dependent on CTRs and the CTRs tend to be low because the ads aren’t very targeted. However, it can give you decent CPMs if you run at a low-frequency cap and higher value CPM on news sites.

For Mobile Sites

1) Trion

They have the ability to offer flat CPMs for the USA for your mobile banners and are great to work with

2) Crave Media

Although they need work on their reporting interface (you won’t get accurate numbers until 15 days past the previous full month), they can offer you great CPMs and fill rates that can prove solid once implemented.

3) Chitika

Can perform well with mobile traffic but only if you make sure you get on into their platinum program. Easy setup and gives out referral rates if you keep adding sites with them

2019 Update

Please see our updated list of AdSense alternatives on this blog post or by taking a look at the video below.


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  1. Sofía Santucho

    Adtomatik has been my predetermined ad network for a long time. Never tried anything better. Higher fill rates and the best ecpm.

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    is there any add network for social media shares?
    kindly mail me ans
    Thank you.


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