Google AdMob or Google Ad Manager/ AdX? Which monetization platform should you leverage?

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Last updated: March 6, 2023 | by aleesha

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Google AdMob & Google AdX are two of the biggest monetization platforms for publishers and developers. Google AdMob is a mobile ad network, while Google AdX is an ad exchange that supports both Web and mobile app & game inventories.

More than the revenue share, publishers need to focus on revenue efficiency by finding the one platform that can scale their app revenue. This article compares the two platforms in more detail to help you decide which one suits your monetization needs.

Google AdMob

Millions of apps are available, but only a fraction of them are able to reach their full earning potential. This is because they don’t get the right exposure or have the right targeting. Google AdMob levels the playing field and helps you reach those millions of users that can discover your app and enhance your revenue through AdMob by connecting with multiple mobile ad networks.

Google Ad Exchange (AdX)

Google Ad Exchange is a very popular ad exchange platform that allows large publishers to sell their ad inventory to advertisers and agencies. Through this technology-driven platform, publishers can receive the highest price possible for their ad spaces while also helping advertisers and agencies target consumers more efficiently. This helps publishers get more value out of their inventory, which allows them to find more opportunities for future projects. With a clean user interface, AdX brings transparency and efficiency to the exchange through a combination of auction-based technology and price floors.

Is Google Ad Manager and AdX the same?

Google Ad Manager (GAM) is a powerful ad management platform that allows publishers to harness the power of multiple ad networks through a single interface, including Google AdSense and Ad Exchange. GAM’s simplified workflow makes it easy for Google publishers to leverage advertising networks together in one place.

How to create a Google Ad Manager Account in 2022?

Google AdMob vs Google AdX: Main Differences

The answer to this question depends on what you are looking for. Google AdMob is a mobile app monetization platform while Google AdX is an exchange network offering real-time bidding on ad inventory to ad networks along with AdSense, DSPs, etc.

Google AdMob:

It is a mobile app monetization platform that makes it easy for publishers to monetize their apps and games by displaying ads on them. It has a wide range of features such as app installs, in-app purchases, and targeted ads. Publishers using AdMob have VIP access to third-party networks & Google demand sources.

Admob leverages open bidding and waterfall mediation to maximize the publisher’s app revenue. The disadvantage that comes with waterfall mediation is lower eCPMs and poor fill rates. In AdMob, publishers can target their ad inventory based solely on geolocation which is quite restrictive.

Google AdX:

It is an exchange network offering real-time bidding on ad inventory to ad networks along with AdSense, DSPs, etc. Bids in AdX are placed based on factors like CPM (cost per thousand impressions), CPC (cost per click), or CPV (cost per view). Google AdX publishers have more control as they can access a wider array of advertisers & DSPs using ad exchange.

They are not only restricted to apps for monetization but can also access more inventory-type options including rich media, video, gaming, website ad inventory, etc. The more the competition for ad inventory, the better the fill rate resulting in increased ad revenue for each ad unit.

Google Ad Exchange offers better visualization with real-time dashboards where publishers can monitor ad unit performance. AdX also comes with granular targeting so that you can dig deeper into metrics including inventory type, device type, impressions, pageviews, etc.

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How to Sign-up for Google Ad Exchange?

Getting started with Google Ad Manager (GAM) isn’t always easy. GAM only provides access to AdX only to bigger publishers whose site gets around 5 billion pageviews per month while complying to brand safety measures.

Few publishers get invited by Google while most sign up through third-party AdX partners like MonetizeMore. Our AdOps experts can help you set up a Google Ad Manager account & get approved fast. Being a top Google AdX partner for publishers around the world, we give you access to premium advertisers who’ll pay top dollar for your ad inventory.

How to leverage MonetizeMore’s Google AdX Demand?



  • Sign up for MonetizeMore’s AdX Console here and set up your account
  • Our AdOps professionals will set up your GAM child account
  • Your Google Ad Manager account will be seamlessly integrated with our master AdX account.
  • We conduct audits and assist publishers in resolving issues like incorrect in-app placements, inappropriate content, and policy violations to ensure smooth monetization flow.
  • Our AdX team will conduct frequent policy audits & quality assurance checks to prevent policy violations & revenue clawbacks.
  • Once your AdX account is set, you get access to MonetizeMore’s Pubguru dashboard to analyze real-time ad activity insights, ROI metrics, etc.
  • Our team is there to assist & manage your GAM account & tweak your app monetization strategies to scale your ad revenue to the moon.

Why is MonetizeMore the best company to run ad exchange on your site?


MonetizeMore has partnered with Google to offer all other sites access to Google AdX through our master ad exchange account. AdX has better targeting technology and more optimization tools that our AdOps experts optimize on a 24/7 basis. With MonetizeMore, your ad revenue will only increase by 36-50%.

So, our AdX model combined with Google Ad Manager minus the setup fees brings your ad revenue beyond a 50% increase over your current ad earnings.

Leverage our Google AdX demand today and see the results for yourself!


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