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Last updated: August 1, 2019 | by Kean Graham

This post was most recently updated on August 1st, 2019

This New York-based ad network started 8 years ago helping advertisers learn more about their audience through their Social Graph insights and Intent Modeling Solutions.  In 2012, they acquired Tynt, a social content sharing company to gain deeper insights into how content is shared both privately and publicly.


33Across helps publishers take control of how their audience engages with their content and earn revenue. The two main product offerings are SiteCTRL and RevCTRL. They offer it both on desktop and mobile.

RevCTRL ad formats help publishers earn higher CPMs with ads.  Since ads appear on the left-hand side of a webpage, they do not interfere with a publisher’s direct sales initiatives. Publishers can choose which type of signals that trigger an ad: social, search, contextual, etc.

Their SiteCTRL product suite allows publishers deeper insights of how their content performs and helps increase site traffic. The copy and paste functionality give publishers insights into how their content is traveling; whether a piece of content or a URL is copied and pasted into an email, chat message or on Facebook. This helps publishers understand true content performance so that they can continue to make appropriate content adjustments. Publishers also receive credit through shared content, which helps with site traffic and SEO.

User interface

While their UI offers a lot of things, the UI is too granular that it may confuse users while most of the publishers would mainly need numbers of their impressions paid, how many were filled and importantly, how much they earn. Yet, all in all, it provides all publishers need.

What makes them unique

Publishers who use both their products have a definite advantage since ads can be triggered by social and search signals. It is like a cycle. Publishers receive deeper insights into content performance make content improvements, increase web traffic and ads are triggered through social and search signals and back to the beginning.

What really sets them apart are the quality of publishers that they work with and the incredible metrics that are manifested. The publishers are actually driving up their eCPMs without cannibalizing their direct sales initiatives.

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