The Site is Using Prebid’s Currency Module Instead of PGHB

While Prebid does support currency conversions when receiving bids, it is not always the most optimal solution.

The Site is Using Prebid's Currency Module Instead of PGHB MonitizeMore

When a header bidding bid passes through Google Ad Manager (GAM), bid amount conversions occur when the auction involves bids that are not in USD. On top of that, not all GAM accounts are in USD. If the bid currency is not configured to have the same currency as the GAM account, it can lead to systemic failure within the auction especially when header bidding and non-header bidding line items such as Ad Exchange or AdSense in Dynamic Allocation are matched up against one another.

This is why it is important to utilize a system that performs optimal currency management for header bidding. While Prebid’s currency module does the job, PubGuru Header Bidding’s (PGHB) version is a step up the ladder as it offers additional benefits, including faster currency handling. Header Bidding on its own already has the tendency to induce site latency and the PGHB technology is designed to ease this problem.

Find more information on Prebid’s Currency Module here.

Reach out to our team at MonetizeMore to learn more about how PGHB can take your ad optimization via Header Bidding to the next level without sacrificing site speed and page load time.

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