The PubGuru Config File is Cached and Should be Whitelisted or Removed Immediately

Never cache the PubGuru config file on your site. Updates will be delayed and the script will load slower from local site caches.

PubGuru uses CloudFront, one of the top-performing CDNs on the planet. If you’re using a caching module or plug-in, whitelist this script so it does not cache on your site.

If you’re using RocketLoader, WP Rocket, or another caching module or plug-in, whitelist this script so that it does not cache your site.

Sample Cache Exclusion Instructions from WP Rocket

Directly in page settings


In WP Rocket settings

  1. Go to WP Rocket Advanced Rules  tab.

  2. Locate the box Never cache URL(s).

  3. Enter the URL of the page you wish to exclude. You can either enter the full URL e.g. or you can just enter the part after the domain name, e.g. /page/ . Either way will work.

  4. For multiple pages, enter each one on its own line:


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