Google Publisher Tag was Detected but the Execution was Incomplete

Google Publisher Tag (GPT) was detected but the google tag command queue did not execute and pubads wasn’t ready. As a result, ad serving was not properly executed.

To fix this, check for the following:

  1. Make sure that all the necessary tags are implemented on-page.

  2. For Google Publisher Tags, the header script must be implemented between the <head> and </head> section of the site.

  3. Corresponding body tags must also be implemented. Check this guide for information on how to generate multiple ad tags in Google Ad Manager (GAM).

  4. When using PubGuru tags, follow these troubleshooting steps to check for missing tags on-page.

  5. If the ad tags are correctly implemented, check the GDPR and other consent settings that are configured for the site. Depending on the consent management platform (CMP) that you’re using, check to ensure that it’s not blocking ad serving. If you are running your CMP via MonetizeMore or PubGuru tags, connect with your account manager so they can verify the CMP set up. More information here.

  6. Check that there are no scripts or codes present on-page that are blocking ad serving or the actual page from loading its components.

  7. Lastly, check for other potential warnings or errors when running PGAI and resolve those.


If you are seeing the error code gpt_missing_googletag_executed_pubads_ready, this means that the GPT was not loaded but somehow, googletag and pubads loaded. This case is almost impossible and when it does occur, it is due to a bug and nothing else.

If you are seeing the error code gpt_found_googletag_unexecuted_pubads_ready, this means that the GPT was found, and pubads is ready, but the googletag command queue has not fired yet. This is also extremely rare. There isn’t a known fix here other than making sure there isn’t anything blocking the page from loading completely.

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