Ad Unit Is Requesting Sizes Larger Than The Screen

This post was most recently updated on August 17th, 2022

The ad unit is requesting ad sizes that are larger than the screen. This reduces monetization as advertisers eventually bid on the set less or even stop bidding on it entirely.


  1. Run the PubGuru Ad Inspector on your pages and watch out for possible hidden ad unit or out of document errors:


Step 1: Validate if this was intentional. Be mindful of Google Policies on ad placements:

Step 2: Open your Ad Manager account > Inventory > Ad Units

Step 3: Audit the sizes per ad unit and edit if necessary to remove unwanted ad unit sizes.

Ad Unit size

Step 4: Log into

Step 5: Open the relevant PubGuru Header Bidding configuration

Step 6: Audit the ad sizes you have configured per ad unit

ad unit

Step 7: Remove any ad size that is incorrectly configured

Step 8: Save & publish


  1. Consider setting up size mapping to serve only the appropriate ad unit sizes depending on the device a visitor is using.


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