Experiencing A Rise In Revenue Discrepancy? Here’s What to Do

Step 1: Check to make sure that the gross revenue and net revenue comparison with DFP match up.

a) The ad network’s reporting in Gross Revenue should be converted to Net Revenue

AOL ad revenue

b) The ad network’s reporting in a different currency should be converted to USD

Sovrn ad revenue

Step 2: Verify that the MonetizeMore Header Bidding Placement IDs/params are correct

Bidder list

Step 3: Check DFP to make sure you’re only running one set of MonetizeMore Header Bidding orders. If you uploaded new orders, pause the old ones.

header bidding stats

Step 4: If your other publishers are on the same version do not have similarly large discrepancies, this usually means that there is a significant bug or mistake in the MonetizeMore Header Bidding on-page code or the publisher’s code. Fix all errors in the MonetizeMore debug test.

Step 5: If the discrepancy still persists for more than two days, report the issue to MonetizeMore support for further analysis.

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