JobKaka stops ad fraud & keeps customers happy with Traffic Cop

About JobKaka

JobKaka stops ad fraud & keeps customers happy with Traffic Cop MonitizeMore

Jobkaka is an Indian-based job board and online resource for job seekers and employers. Besides tens of thousands of job listings, the site offers a variety of tools and tips for job seekers, including a CV Creator and an Ultimate Jobseeker Guide. The site offers a tonne of recruitment software solutions, industry-specific articles, and fast, effective job posting for employers and recruiters.

Challenge : AdSense Suspensions

Their main source of ad revenue is AdSense. According to the publisher, the site’s ad serving had been restricted because of the site’s issues with Invalid Traffic (IVT). Their AdSense account was restricted in early January 2022 and had more than 20% revenue clawbacks.

We were starting to get reports that our job ads weren’t performing as well as they used to. When we investigated, we found that while certain visitors to our website looked like ordinary job seekers, their browsing behaviour didn’t resemble that of actual humans.” – Team at JobKaka

The JobKaka platform allows recruiters to advertise vacant positions. For their part, advertisers expect qualified applications (and pay for them). The suspicious visitors would be browsing all the ads present, but never apply for any job. As a result, JobKaka’s application ratio—a vital key performance indicator for the company degenerated significantly.

The Solution: Traffic cop: the best tool to resolve AdSense suspensions & minimize clawbacks

Traffic Cop Implementation Date: January 6th, 2022

JobKaka stops ad fraud & keeps customers happy with Traffic Cop MonitizeMore

Despite JobKaka’s AdSense account being suspended in January 2022, it was quickly reinstated after implementing Traffic Cop and the publisher hasn’t reported being restricted ever since.

Their revenue clawbacks decreased to less than 1% from 18%. (Jan-July 2021 vs Jan -July 2022)

Less Clawbacks, Less Stress!

JobKaka stops ad fraud & keeps customers happy with Traffic Cop MonitizeMore

Today, the Traffic Cop IVT protection solution collects and audits thousands of events for every single request to, and makes the best use of machine learning algorithms & AI to detect and identify suspicious traffic and new IVT patterns.

Also, each request is tagged with an ID in real-time, so that JobKaka can seamlessly integrate this bot data with its own server logs & data analytics tools.

“It’s given us freedom,” says Jobkaka team. “Fighting bots is a real challenge, and it’s an ongoing thing which can exhaust your team. We used to spend 20% of our time dealing with bots, whereas now, we spend less than a day per month. With Traffic Cop, we have regained the freedom to work on more important things.”

The most important win, however, has been the boost to Jobkaka’s client satisfaction levels. Thanks to Traffic Cop, the company now offers bot-free, verifiable traffic data to its customers billing them accurately.

“Invalid traffic has a direct effect on our reputation with customers and prospects”, Jobkaka points out. “If we can’t detect and filter out bots, our job application ratios suffer. Clients may stop working with us, and we may lose potential new customers in the future. Saving time is great, but delivering an excellent service and keeping our customers happy is much more important in the long term.”

The team also vets potential traffic sources using the Traffic Cop solution. In addition to expanding its partner network, JobKaka strives to attract new job seekers all the time.

In addition to new partners, the company has to make sure the traffic they deliver is of high quality which is free from traffic bots.

“With Traffic Cop, we can instantly see whether a new partner is bringing us the kind of traffic we want to provide to our clients or not, and that means we can expand our network with confidence.”

Stop worrying about AdSense restrictions and filter out IVT for good with the award-winning Traffic Cop. Get Started Today!


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