How FORMONEY jumped from $10K to $380K with MonetizeMore’s ad technology

This post was most recently updated on October 18th, 2022


How FORMONEY jumped from $10K to $380K with MonetizeMore’s ad technology MonitizeMore

Formoney is a marketing company that comes in the finance solutions niche. The company was based in a small city in Brazil and focused on expanding its portfolio. Before joining the programmatic advertising market, they were collaborating with E-Commerce sites such as eBay.

They partnered with MonetizeMore’s Starter Plan in the beginning for their domain first and then chose to upgrade to Premium Plan with their main website:


Formoney was taking home around 4 figures in ad revenue and was looking for ways to take their web monetization to the next level with a transparent and reliable programmatic ad operation partner that came with no lock-in contracts.


Formoney’s ad revenue shot up after January 2021. Our AdOps teams refined their Audience Acquisition strategy with the help of key values (especially UTMs) to track their campaigns. After the first quarter of 2021, when the bid prices were gradually rising, MonetizeMore reformed Formoney’s pricing rule strategy by targeting UTM’s and making use of UPR slots (in this case, utm_source).

This idea was fresh during that time because none of the publishers ever took advantage of this strategy, so we created multiple AdExchange channels. Their daily coverage was measured through Pubguru. As months went by, we observed the CPM rates from their best-performing URLs, and we gave them advice not to send traffic to URLs that weren’t performing up to mark.

They refined their strategy by hiring media buyers to optimize their campaigns on their side. On our part, our Ad Optimizers tracked Formoney’s general coverage and tweaked all their ad units. Their ad units used to have very low fill rates before the partnership (the Session RPMs were assessed daily via Pubguru).

Eventually, we were able to set pricing rules by automating the current slots of the Latin American ad exchange, and we optimized these pricing rules with utm_source and, utm_campaigns. We mainly targeted Latin American countries like Columbia, Argentina, and Mexico.

How FORMONEY jumped from $10K to $380K with MonetizeMore’s ad technology MonitizeMore

As of February 2022, Formoney was able to scale their three sites with the help of MonetizeMore and is eager to add more websites to their programmatic platform. They are also planning to enroll in our app monetization as a way of increasing their revenue streams and expanding their business.

With MonetizeMore’s 24/7 support and all-around sophisticated reporting, Formoney was able to take their ad revenue from $10K to $380,000.

How FORMONEY jumped from $10K to $380K with MonetizeMore’s ad technology MonitizeMore

Results as of February 2022: Formoney saw its average eCPMs increase by a whopping 250% making around $80K ad revenue this month.

How FORMONEY jumped from $10K to $380K with MonetizeMore’s ad technology MonitizeMore

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