How wiped out their revenue clawbacks after implementing Traffic Cop (the most effective anti-fraud prevention tool)

This post was most recently updated on February 3rd, 2023 is a popular blog offering advice on finance management and business growth earning more than $100,000 in ad revenue on a monthly basis. Their blog mainly focuses on financial freedom tips which garners millions of pageviews every month.


Before implementing Traffic Cop, they were facing massive revenue clawbacks every month. They were looking for an effective ad fraud prevention tool to minimize their monthly revenue clawbacks and bring down the invalid traffic on their site.

Solution: Leveraging the power of an IVT Solution

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Traffic Cop is a cutting-edge, two-time award-winning technology that offers a comprehensive solution for measuring and blocking invalid traffic. With its advanced capabilities, Traffic Cop is able to split traffic into three distinct categories: human, low risk, and high risk. This allows publishers to take a targeted approach to detecting and preventing ad fraud, while also optimizing their ad setup and preventing policy violations.

One of the key features of Traffic Cop is its IVT detection and prevention capabilities. This technology is able to identify and block invalid traffic that is attempting to cheat the system, such as bots or click farms. So, viewers will not be able to see any ads on sites that have Traffic Cop installed thus preventing invalid clicks from general bots, click farms, etc.

In addition to its ad fraud detection capabilities, Traffic Cop also offers advanced invalid traffic analysis and scoring. This technology uses machine learning algorithms to analyze traffic and determine its likelihood of being invalid. This allows publishers to quickly and easily identify high-risk traffic and take appropriate action to block it.

Traffic Cop offers both general invalid traffic detection and sophisticated invalid traffic detection capabilities. This ensures that even the most sophisticated forms of invalid traffic can be identified and blocked, providing publishers with a truly comprehensive solution for protecting them from AdSense bans and revenue loss. With Traffic Cop, publishers can have peace of mind and stop worrying about revenue clawbacks and AdSense bans.

The results implemented Traffic Cop on June 4, 2021. 

With Traffic Cop, their revenue clawbacks went from 86% loss to less than 1% clawbacks.

How to stop losing ad revenue to revenue clawbacks

MonetizeMore’s Traffic Cop has been successful in detecting and blocking even the most sophisticated bots from over 300+ websites. To be honest, minimizing’s revenue clawbacks to less than 1% was a pretty easy job for Traffic Cop.

Traffic Cop Dashboard


Finally, an effective ad fraud prevention tool that can bring down your revenue clawbacks while protecting your website against bot-related harms, cookie stuffing, and accidental clicks, to mention a few.

Do check out for yourself by setting up Traffic Cop today!

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