Bored Panda’s Monetization Domination through MonetizeMore

This post was most recently updated on February 9th, 2023


Bored Panda is a popular online magazine and social media platform that features a wide variety of content, including viral news, interesting articles, and heartwarming stories. Launched in 2009, Bored Panda has grown into a thriving community of millions of readers and contributors from all around the world. With its mix of humor, inspiration, and creativity, Bored Panda provides a welcome respite from the daily grind, making it a go-to destination for anyone looking to be entertained and informed. Whether you’re a fan of animals, art, or just life in general, there’s something for everyone on Bored Panda.


As an organization that is used to testing and optimization, when it came to selecting the best header bidding solution to improve programmatic monetization, Bored Panda decided to run A/B tests to find their ideal ad monetization partner.

Bored Panda constantly has re-evaluated its stack till 2013 and was keen to understand whether other header bidding solutions might drive better results for them compared to their incumbent wrapper.

Bored Panda selected MonetizeMore’s PubGuru solution to test against other alternatives.


Bored Panda went live with us in early 2014. MonetizeMore’s AdOps experts offered pretty effective solutions, helping Bored Panda on a lot of fronts:

AI Powered Header Bidding 

  • MonetizeMore offered a super lucrative Pubguru Header Bidding solution, unlocking a massive pool of exclusive demand partners leading to greater competition and improved bid quality. 
  • MonetizeMore ensured that the right demand partners were bidding on the inventory, resulting in better RPMs and Header Bidding revenue showing significant improvements.

AdX Capabilities

Google AdX is a marketplace that lets several premium buyers and sellers interact, resulting in successful deals. Since publishers usually have difficulty accessing AdX’s exclusive benefits, having a partner that offers premium services helps publishers better meet their needs. As a Google Certified Partner, MonetizeMore offered Bored Panda:

📈 Additional AdX demand brought buyers from several other ad networks including Google Display Networks, ensuring maximum eCPMs for the site’s inventory.

📈 A useful impression-based revenue model instead of clicks (which is harder to achieve), eventually bringing higher yields.

Access to Premium Ad Networks

Bored Panda made use of MonetizeMore’s Premium Ad Network partnerships and expanded the reach of their ad inventory through them. With this kind of exclusive access, they got premium advertisers and the best revenue shares.

Bored Panda's Monetization Domination through MonetizeMore MonitizeMore


One of the most important aspects of the Bored Panda relationship is receiving 24/7 support from the MonetizeMore team. From Partner Success to Tech Support and AdOps, the team instantly solves problems and helps to ensure Bored Panda’s ad revenue is always improving.

For the Bored Panda team, the decision to work with MonetizeMore was quick. The ad revenue the PubGuru platform drives and the support behind the platform are unmatched in the AdTech industry.


Bored Panda has been working with MonetizeMore for about 10 years. Over the course of the relationship, they made a half billion impressions in the last 30 days.

The simplicity of the PubGuru platform, scalability of the technology, and lightweight integration have been essential in improving RPMs. Also, with fewer ads per page and only premium advertisers serving ads on Bored Panda, they are only growing more popular.

Bored Panda's Monetization Domination through MonetizeMore MonitizeMore


Bored Panda's Monetization Domination through MonetizeMore MonitizeMore

Bored Panda's Monetization Domination through MonetizeMore MonitizeMore

PubGuru Header Bidding outperformed other alternatives in driving net revenue, net CPM, and session RPMs. Based on these results, Bored Panda continues to fully leverage MonetizeMore’s PubGuru and AdX Solutions and has seen significant and consistent improvements in their ad earnings. At the same time, Bored Panda’s ad space is now considered premium inventory with tonnes of ad networks vying to be able to place their display and video ads on the site.


Bored Panda's Monetization Domination through MonetizeMore MonitizeMore


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