BlurbMedia Inc regulates its Invalid Traffic with Traffic Cop

This post was most recently updated on August 10th, 2022

Challenge: Invalid Traffic (IVT) causing ad revenue clawbacks & deductions on the sites owned by BlurbMedia INC

Solution: Implementing Traffic Cop which filtered and blocked all forms of bot traffic on BLURBMEDIA-owned sites minimizing ad revenue deductions & significant improvement in ad RPMs.


  1. 26.41% decrease in revenue clawbacks.
  2. Site performance improvement in terms of session RPMs, ads per page, etc.


Traffic Cop Implementation Date : August, 2021

Sites Involved: by Blurbmedia INC by Blurbmedia INC

The sites went live with traffic cop back in August 2021 and their invalid traffic risk activity was ranging between 6-8% till October 2021. The non-human traffic started decreasing significantly from the fourth month onwards due to Traffic Cop.

As you can see below, after Implementing Traffic Cop, total risk activity on their sites due to suspect traffic & invalid traffic dropped:


Suspect Traffic

Invalid Traffic

Total Risk

First 3 months 5.88% 2.11% 8.00%
Months after 4.30% 1.85% 6.16%


How Traffic Cop tracked & reduced their revenue clawbacks

  • Google AdExchange clawbacks dropped from 0.53% for the first 3 months to 0.39% for the following months.
  • That’s around a 26.41% decrease in revenue clawbacks.
  • An Intermittent trend was observed on AdSense clawbacks.


How Ad RPMs improved after enabling Traffic Cop?

Site Performance improved in terms of Ads per page, Page RPM, and Session RPM for and

MonetizeMore logo
SETUP Page RPM Session RPM Ads Per Page Impression CPM
Adsense Only $2.08 $4.12 1.84 $1.13
ADX+HBS+TC+Adsense $8.99 $93.79 9.39 $0.96
Grand Total $7.61 $75.86 7.88 $1.00
% of Difference 331.48% 2175.71% 409.47% -14.87%


SETUP Page RPM Session RPM Ads Per Page Impression CPM
Adsense $4.96 $14.61 1.67 $2.98
ADX+HBS+TC+Adsense $15.13 $99.98 5.66 $2.68
Grand Total $13.10 $82.90 4.86 $2.74
% of Difference 204.82% 584.41% 239.33% -10.13%



The results: No more Ad Revenue deductions due to bot Traffic

Today, Traffic Cop fully protects BlurbMedia’s APIs and websites against all bot threats, with the same efficiency and granularity across all channels. All forms of invalid traffic activity is filtered and blocked prior hitting any load balancer, and as a result, their revenue clawbacks have been significantly reduced.

Thankfully, BlurbMedia’s staff is no longer stretched too thin worrying about malicious bots.With this bot busting wonder tool, publishers no longer need to waste unnecessary hours filtering out bot activity and spam click. Once IVT is blocked, your audience enjoys a hassle-free user experience. The owners, Zeeshan and Farhan Shahid appreciate the detailed Traffic Quality dashboard that comes with Traffic Copthe powerful IVT analytics and notifications across all endpoints.

Stop worrying about invalid traffic & get protected by signing up today.

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