When to consider switching ad networks?

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March 4, 2021 | by Kean Graham
When to consider switching ad networks

Like any other business, owning a website means looking for potential opportunities to help it grow. You need to analyze your ad revenue performance, understand the niche, the implementations, the cost, and return, consider internal and external processes and this includes negotiating with other profitable partners.

As a publisher, there are certain metrics you need to keep track of to gauge how the business is improving. Page RPM, Session RPM, fill rate, time on page, bounce rates, page-speed are a few. These data can be taken from your Google Analytics and Google Ad Manager reports. Aside from SEO  (Search engine optimization), you must also consider these optimizations that can add value to your website. Ad layout, integrating header bidding, testing new ad formats, and using other technologies such as ad refresh, auto-ads, link ads from AdSense, and ad balance.

One of the keys to improving your revenue is to add an ad network that suits your website. They act as a mediator between a group of publishers and advertisers. They are responsible for helping publishers sell remnant inventory and monetize those that were not sold via direct deals. They can also filter certain criteria needed such as geographical location, browser types, operating system, and device targeting. This means we can collaborate with them and save more time.

Although there are lots of benefits to using an ad network, keep in mind that there are limitations to maintain a good ad quality and ad performance to avoid revenue loss and at the same time serve ads relevant to your audience. Let’s look at some points to audit and determine whether your ad network is performing up to standard or if you should consider switching.

Inventory Quality – Identify the kind of inventory they offer. Intrusive ad formats can also affect your bounce rate and ad revenue.

The size of an ad network –  Size matters, the more traffic the ad network generates, the higher return you can get from the ad campaign investment and possibly the higher ad fill rate you can achieve.

Ad formats they offer – Consider an ad network that supports the targeting options you need. Prefer the ones that can monetize both desktop and mobile traffic. Most video ads increase page load time so make sure it adheres to the given limitations. It should have minimal impact on your page load performance.

High CPM offers – The most common metric to watch out for. Rates can vary within the industry. Make sure you get the best CPM rates for your ad inventory.

Fill rate – Every ad request that doesn’t get filled and shown to users is considered a lost potential ad revenue. Choose an ad network that can ensure a good fill rate and takes advantage of every opportunity to display an ad on your website.

Efficient and Reliable Reporting – most of the ad networks are using a dashboard accessible to every publisher. It should be made available for them to track the ad network performance real-time. This can also help you analyze their performance in analyzing data discrepancies.

Factors to maintain a healthy website can be broad and assessing to determine what changes should be made, if necessary, is very important. Be sure to evaluate results to find out what is working and what doesn’t work for your website with regards to the ad networks you partner with. Measuring results can help you determine your optimizations where winning strategy can be your baseline to success and the losing ones can be your opportunity to work on for improvement.


Deciding whether to switch ad networks can get complicated fast, especially if you don’t understand the dynamics of what was mentioned above. When you partner with MonetizeMore, you don’t have to worry about it. You can focus on what you do best, create content, promote your site, and grow your business. We’ll take care of ad optimization and help you get the most from your ad inventory. Sign up to get started today!

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