What to do when Google Adsense is not loading?

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Last updated: July 19, 2023 | by Kean Graham
Google AdSense

This post was most recently updated on July 19th, 2023

For most publishers, Google AdSense is often one of the first doors they open when it comes to monetizing their websites. It’s one of the easiest ways that site owners can start making money off their hard-earned traffic, so long as your site meets the minimum eligibility requirements.

With Google having a large pool of advertisers available, Google AdSense can help you monetize a wide variety of geos without any worry. In fact, within 10 minutes (considering your domain is already approved!), you can create your ad placements in their dashboard and start monetizing your site right away!

However, what if you don’t see any ads loading up?

Instead of an advertisement, there’s nothing except a blank, white space staring at you. While this can cause some publishers to panic, there’s likely a good explanation why this is happening.

It can be as simple as having a typo in the code you’ve placed, or be related to low existing demand for the traffic in your location. For veteran publishers who have already been using AdSense for a while, however, you might have been hit by a domain ban.

To help you nip your AdSense issues in the bud, we’ve listed some of the most common reasons why it may not be loading below:

Missing or incorrect ads.txt information

Google requires you to upload their ads.txt information before you can start serving their ads. There’s a section in your AdSense account where you can find the necessary line to add to your ads.txt file to enable demand from AdSense. Take note that even minor typos can affect Google’s ads.txt detection, so make sure to copy and paste the ads.txt information exactly as it’s given.

Domain isn’t approved

This one’s pretty simple. Either you haven’t submitted your domain for approval yet, or it wasn’t approved to serve Google Ads. To get your site approved by AdSense, you need to place their script on your site so that it can get crawled and undergo the approval process.

You’ve made changes to your site

If you’ve previously been serving Google AdSense before and made changes to your site, your status might have changed. Check your verification status using these steps and have your site re-verified.

Not much demand for your size/geo

Demand for some ad sizes and countries are significantly lower compared to others. This means you might encounter more blank ads or not have an ad get served to you. For example, Tier 3 locations such as Brazil, India or the Philippines are harder to monetize compared to Tier 1 Geo like the United States, UK or Canada.

Pages/Site is banned from serving ads

If some of your pages are in violation of Google’s policies, they can get disabled from serving ads. This is usually fixed when the violation is resolved and crawlers detect that the pages are compliant again. If all of your pages are not serving any ads at all, your account might be banned entirely.


There’s fairly few reasons why your Google AdSense isn’t loading, so going through the most common ones that we’ve listed above are good places to start. For lack of demand, however, there’s unfortunately no fix to it aside from testing out other networks and seeing what works best for your site.

Your site’s niche and traffic play a significant role, so those are two key areas you can work on improving to increase demand.

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