What are the Highest-Earning Ad Sizes?

As a general guideline, wider ad sizes usually work better than the taller ads because they are more visible and more attractive to the eyes. Readers assimilate data in “thought units”, a few words at once. More extensive ad sizes allow them to read more fluidly without needing to avoid a line and come back to one side or edge each couple of words, as they’d need to with narrower ads.

Wide ad sizes can expand your income altogether. The sizes we’ve discovered to be the best are the:

  • 336 x 280 large rectangle,
  • the 300 x 250 medium rectangle,
  • the 728 x 90 leaderboard (find out more about it here),
  • the 300 x 600 half page;
  • and on mobile the 320 x 100 large mobile banner.

Remember that while these ad sizes commonly perform well, you ought to utilize the size that best fit your pages and its content. A balance between ads and content is most important to yield the highest user-experience and advertising revenue potential.

best performing ad sizes 2015Some Ad Placement Tips:

  1. It’s ideal to include one prescribed ad unit than to use two small ad units positioned side by side.
  2. Define the ‘first’ ad unit when using multiple units
  3. Balance the number of ads versus content: Less can mean more. Source: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/1282097?hl=en-GB&ref_topic=1307438
  4. Follow the normal eye movement of readers when determining ad placement on landing pages.Ads that fall on common eye hot spots tend to increase user engagement.
  5. Be sure to follow Adsense policies on ad placement: https://support.google.com/adsense/answer/1346295?hl=en


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    Wow. It’s very informative. Is it okay to use a 300 by 600 inside a content?

    • MonetizeMore

      Don’t use 300x600s on mobile (though it’s fine on desktop). This is because you would be in violation of the Better Ads standards that Google also legislates for; you run the risk of demonetization of page and site. See the standards here for more details: https://www.betterads.org/standards/.

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