Top Alternative Ad Networks 2016

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Last updated: September 24, 2019 | by Kean Graham
Top Alternative Ad Networks 2016

This post was most recently updated on September 24th, 2019

It’s this year’s fourth quarter and we’re pretty sure everyone in the ad tech industry is getting ready to end strong. As a publisher, you want to make sure that you’re running the best campaigns on your site in order to take advantage of this season. We have listed the top alternative ad networks that have never failed to bring value to our premium publishers and we highly suggest that you check them out.

Branovate is a premium digital media provider focusing on delivering high-quality video advertising to users. We’ve worked with them across multiple premium publishers and they’ve never failed to bring us satisfactory results.

One of the best ad networks that offer a fixed CPM and 100% fill rate is YellowHammer. If you’re concerned with user-experience and only want to run standard banners on your website, then we highly recommend this ad network.

Another exceptional ad network is Matomy. They both have display and video campaigns that you can run on mobile and web. Plus, they can work with you on a fixed rate and be able to monetize all your inventories. However, they do consider the volume of traffic that you send them daily, so we can’t guarantee that they will approve everyone.

FirstImpression is a recently built company that offers a highly tailored way to monetize your traffic. If you’re unsure of what ads to show on your site or if you want to do some A/B testing first to see which type of ads could boost your revenue, then this is one of the best places to go. They have over ten types of products at your disposal to test out.

Sekindo is one of our long-term partners that offers video, online display, and mobile advertising. Not only they can monetize your tier one traffic but they also monetize your international inventories. One of their new products is the header bidding solution that you should try.

One more well-known ad network in the ad tech industry is Brightcom. They cater to both advertisers and publishers and everyone in between. If you’re looking for an ad network that has plenty of ad formats to choose from, then this is your go-to place. They perform well in US, Latin America ME, and the Asia Pacific regions. So, if you have tons of traffic in those areas, better sign up with them.

Pubgalaxy is an online media company that connects publishers with high-quality advertisers. They have a custom approach that ensures the publisher’s web and mobile inventories are sold across the globe. Furthermore, they have a dedicated account manager assigned to you that helps you monetize your traffic. is also a company worth mentioning since many are calling them one of the best Google AdSense alternatives. Click here to sign up and earn an additional 10% for your first 3 months.

Lastly, you don’t have to search far. MonetizeMore is a one-stop-shop for all publishers that are looking to generate revenue from their website or boost it. You’ll have access to Google’s premium advertisers through Doubleclick Ad Exchange, connect to the outstanding ad networks in the industry, get advice from top-notched ad optimization experts and get access to the leading and top-performing header bidder partners through our header bidder solution.

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