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Last updated: January 2, 2024 | by Aleesha Jacob

This post was most recently updated on January 2nd, 2024

As a publisher, you need to know which ad partners are right for your vertical, as each niche website performs differently than others. The gaming niche is no exception. In this blog post, we’re going to help identify the best game advertising networks for 2024 so that you can maximize your ad revenues!

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1. Google AdMob

Best Gaming Ad Networks [2024] MonitizeMore

Google’s AdMob is one of the best mobile gaming ad networks around, due to its many customizable ad formats that feature in-game messaging, push notifications and a variety of video ads. With AdMob, your ad units get to be sold to the highest spending bidders.

It also provides automated tools to help app owners track how well their games are doing on this front, as well as offering detailed insights into gamers’ interests and popular gaming trends. This lets them deliver quality campaigns that target the right markets at the right times.

AdMob is especially attractive to game developers because of its versatile and effective ad formats, which are much more flexible than other static banner ads or pre-roll video ads.

AdMob focuses on players who are not interested in-app purchases and tailors mobile game ads based on user preference.

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2. AppLovin

Best Gaming Ad Networks [2024] MonitizeMore

AppLovin’s main focus is to help app developers with their app marketing campaigns. AppLovin specializes on the mobile ad networks niche and supports all ad formats from video ads to leaderboard ads.

AppLovin supports a variety of ad formats and uses both CPI (Cost Per Install) & CPC (Cost Per Click) for its campaigns. They are a leading player in the market for providing mobile advertising solutions for advertisers and app developers alike.

3. InMobi

Best Gaming Ad Networks [2024] MonitizeMore

InMobi boosts your marketing campaigns by showing gamers HD visuals to maximize impressions and ROI. It’s the go-to ad network for app publishers and accurately targets your audience range for creating a series of HD mobile ads based on user interests. This technology can also help you target users based on their interests, allowing you to extend your customer base and increase gamer loyalty through relevant promotions and exclusive offers.

The platform provides real-time conversion tracking, user engagement analytics, and detailed reporting to ensure that your campaign is running smoothly and successfully.

4. Venatus

Best Gaming Ad Networks [2024] MonitizeMore

If you have a gaming website with a decent amount of UK traffic, Venatus Media is worth testing out. They have a 100% fill rate in the UK and offer excellent CPM’s. They can run in other countries as well, but from our experience, their most attractive offers are focused on UK traffic.

5. Playwire (formerly Intergi)

Best Gaming Ad Networks [2024] MonitizeMore

Playwire does not fill 100% but offers excellent video and standard-size ads with high CPMs.  They are very responsive and exclusively work with gaming sites. Some of the gaming publishers they work with include Zynga, Roblox & Softonic, and more.

6. AdColony

Best Gaming Ad Networks [2024] MonitizeMore

AdColony is an ad network that offers a variety of services to help game developers make money from their apps. AdColony has worked with companies like Walmart and ABC News in the past, and its platform is tailored towards high-definition video ad campaigns.

Gaming app developers can customize ads based on fonts & color. They offer programmatic ad buying, instant-play video technology, affordable ad spend, and Aurora HD spatial design.

It can be integrated into gaming apps, and its publisher dashboard enables users to manage the video ads they want to run across platforms.

7. Chartboost

Best Gaming Ad Networks [2024] MonitizeMore

Chartboost is about as mainstream as gaming ad networks get. It’s so entrenched in the industry that it has partnerships with many leading mobile game developers.

There are more than 5500 apps using the Chartboost platform to monetize their games and generate more than $2 million per day making it a very smart choice for gaming app developers.

Chartboost SDK comes with an easy setup and gives control over ad space to developers. It comes with a wide range of ad formats, high eCPMs, and a transparent revenue share model making it the best-in-class gaming ad network.

8. Media.Net

Best Gaming Ad Networks [2024] MonitizeMore

Media.Net shows ads in gaming apps even when a user’s screen is in gaming mode. They have a wide range of services: Display, Display-to-Search (D2S), Search, Mobile, Video, and Native ads. According to their website, they manage more than 1.5 billion impressions daily and work with over 1,000 clients worldwide.

Their display-to-search (D2S) ad format combines browsing history and keywords to display pre-approved ads on gaming apps and sites. Users can edit ad units by adopting Media.Net’s ad network and customize them as per their requirements.

9. Network-N

Best Gaming Ad Networks [2024] MonitizeMore

Network-N helps publishers generate ad revenue with high-value ads. They handpick publishers and help them sell premium gaming-focused advertising to a range of gaming and movie clients.

They advise publishers on ad placement, run their own programmatic stack, and integrate with header bidding setups. User experience is also very important to them as they avoid running intrusive, irrelevant, and aggressive ads and ad types.

10. Ad4game

Best Gaming Ad Networks [2024] MonitizeMore

Ad4game enables publishers to run a variety of different ad types for desktop-focused on gaming. They help optimize ad performance by automatically choosing the best ads per country and other factors.

Some of the ad types available include footer ads, site skins, editorials, gaming pop-unders as well as IAB banner ads and pre-roll video ads.

Publishers can receive instant payouts on the Ad4Game prepaid Mastercard. They also use real-time fraud detection tools to ensure brand safety and prevent cloaking.

11. PWN Games

Best Gaming Ad Networks [2024] MonitizeMore

The PWN Games ad network offers top gaming offers to publishers from international campaigns. They focus on a CPL model and enable publishers to promote worldwide campaigns from over 120 countries and some of the biggest games.

Additionally, they pay high rates for traffic that converts well with their offers while offering great service to publishers.

12. Unity Ads

Best Gaming Ad Networks [2024] MonitizeMore

Unity Ads allows developers to show banner and interstitial ads in their games. Developers can also set up their own custom ad formats through the Unity Ads Dashboard. It primarily displays video, banner, and interstitial ads.

Unity Ads’ machine learning algorithms help developers acquire users and improve their lifetime value & retention.

They help advertisers generate more revenue while supporting the growing mobile gaming industry.

The platform has been used by thousands of game developers around the world to help them expand their user base, increase the conversion rate and monetize their games in a new way.


Gamers are notorious for occasionally going on autopilot when they’re playing their favorite games. But this can make them open to advertising in a way that someone who’s paying close attention to their phone or desktop screen might not be. As a result, gaming apps have become one of the hottest ad networks you can use. One of the main advantages to using gaming apps is that they allow you to reach a young demographic—the average age of gamers is 31 years old, with 60% of them between 18 and 49 years old. Gaming apps also allow more customization than many other ad networks, including the ability to target based on gender, OS, location, and even the type of game being played. Finally, depending on your ad unit options, you can even target users based on how long they’ve been playing their game—an essential feature if you want to get the most out of your ads and reach as many people as possible.

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What Are Mobile Game Ad Networks?

Mobile game ad networks allow game developers to make money by selling ad space in their games. They manage the relationship between app developers and advertisers by working as an unbiased third party between them. They also match apps with ad placements that are likely to perform well based on how much revenue they're generating, their popularity, their click-through rates with ads, etc.

What Is In-Game Advertising?

In-game advertising allows advertisers to reach their desired audiences while they are engaged in the activity they enjoy most: playing games. The ads are seamlessly integrated with the game experience and aren’t disruptive to gameplay, as they appear during breaks, between levels, and gaining new lives generating ad revenue for both app publishers and advertisers alike.

What are some desirable Features of Game Ad Networks?

Important aspects of gaming ad networks are providing high-quality ads, more engagement, and an increased rate of app downloads.

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